12th August 2016

Term 3 at a glance:

17  Wednesday   Committee Meeting @ 7pm 
23  Tuesday   Student first aid lessons (St Johns)
23  Tuesday  Garden Market @ 3pm
31  Wednesday   Kinder Environment Day

7  Wednesday   Middlies 1/2 Environment Day
7  Wednesday   Indigenous Book Swap
8  Thursday   Littlies P/1 Environment Day
10  Saturday   Working Bee
13  Tuesday   Biggies 5/6 go to Camp
14  Wednesday   Committee Meeting @ 7pm
15  Thursday   Biggies 5/6 return from Camp
17  Saturday   Bush Dance @ St Marks Hall - 3.30pm
20  Tuesday  Garden Market @ 3pm
21  Wednesday   Middlies 3/4 Environment Day
22  Thursday   PE Concert
23  Friday   Last day of Term 3

Girls cricket anyone?

From Steve....

It’s been an unhealthy week with regards to staff and their children, which for them has required days away from school. However, we are fortunate to have a small pool of relief teachers who have covered the gaps well and allowed us to continue with business as usual.

Our new focus value of CREATIVITY was introduced this week.  

  • Creativity is being flexible with your thinking skills.
  • Creativity is the availability to transcend the ordinary.
  • Creativity is having original solutions to problems. 

Environment Day took a twist on Tuesday, when as part of the Biggies History study, they sailed on the Lady Nelson and looked at Hobart from the perspective of the European settler. No reports of being sea sick but plenty of positive feedback.

Thanks to those parents that found the time to share our Science Expo on Wednesday. After the in character introduction by the Middlies 3/4 of an invention time line, students broke into four groups comprising different year levels, and then engaged in a particular science/engineering activity. During the course of the afternoon the mixed groupings built bridges, discovered why a lava lamp works, produced a range of peg vehicles, and manufactured ’spool bugs’. It was an afternoon that was certainly enjoyed by everyone present and we hope to do something similar in the future.

There hadn’t been too much to report with regards to the Futures Project, but I’m pleased to say that further progress is being made. Currently, an external adviser has been appointed to examine the current structure of the school in terms of how it is run, and to report back with recommendations. Also, interviews are being conducted with staff and certain Committee members to determine the effective contribution or otherwise that the role of a School Leader brings to the overall well-being of the school. These two aspects will help to determine some fundamental foundations for future considerations.  Also, as a result of me attending the recent conference in Launceston, we have access to someone who can help us to fanatically model different proposed future options to ensure their viability. The wheels are still turning!

A thank you to those parents who without fail engage with their weekly family job in and around the school. Each individual contribution ensures that the school looks and functions every day as if we had an employed grounds person and cleaner throughout the week. Through this contribution, and with the student clean up every Friday, we are able to limit our expense to a cleaning service once a week. You do a great job and it’s certainly appreciated.



A reminder that the Family Jobs sign off sheets are in your child's classroom. Ask someone if you're not sure where they are!

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Kinder: Who Sank the Boat?

The Kinders explored the text ‘Who Sank the Boat’ written and illustrated by Pamela Allen and began an investigation into floating and sinking. The children developed an understanding of which materials float and sink and were challenged to design and build a boat that could carry the cow, donkey, pig, sheep and mouse without sinking.
Poppy: BARK FLOATS!…and the giant nail sinks. The leaf floats; what if I push it? Ah no it sinks! No it’s coming back up; it’s floating! Um Abigail, I think this is amazing!
Rupert: Well that’s funny because apples are supposed to sink. I’ll try again – it’s still floating; that’s really funny!
Huw: This sinks really fast. Why is it sinking really fast? Because it’s so heavy.
Phoenix: My boat floated, then the water came in. Under the high sides the water came through. Next time, I could fill the gaps up with more wood along the cracks. All the animals fitted because it was a really big boat, I could fit more animals on it! I liked that my boat didn’t sink.

Kinder: Who Sank the Boat? Photos from
Top to Bottom:
Lulu, Rupert, Olita, Huw


Spring is nearly upon us. Does your garden need a good feed of sheep poo?

Alison Graham (Oli & Phoebe's mum) has loads at her place for sale. Catch her at school or email her at

Working Bee Information

Please make sure you have the next working bee marked in your diaries. This is the last Working Bee for the year and it will be held on Saturday 10 September from 8am-1pm. All families are expected to have one person attend for 4 hours, or two people for 2 hours each. If you are unable to attend we also accept grandparents/friends in lieu of your attendance! It is really about your family helping out by completing 4 hours work to keep our school in good repair. 


The list of WB jobs will be emailed out with the Friday Notice on 2 September and a hard copy of the list will be put up on the morning of Monday 5 September. Please choose a job and write your name next to it on the hard copy list. Please do not email Annette or the WB co-ordinators with your job request.

Please contact Mel or Gabrielle BEFORE the WB if you have a pressing work or family commitment that means you will need a catch up job. Catch up jobs need to be completed by Friday 14 October (ie the first Friday of Term 4). An invoice for $120 will be sent out on this day for any jobs which have not been completed.


We are very grateful to all the families who made such an effort to attend the last working bee or contact us beforehand to let us know they were unable to attend and needed catch up jobs. Also thank you to those families who were allocated catch up jobs and completed them within the set time period. It makes our job much easier and hopefully the whole process more enjoyable for everyone.Thanks from the WB coordinators!

Mel E:



Do you have curtain making skills?

Kath would like a curtain in the alcove in the Library and we are seeking someone who knows about different types of curtains/may be able to make or organise to have made an appropriate curtain for this space. This would count as your working bee job but it could happen before the WB (if a rail/other fittings need to be put up this could happen at the WB).

If you have such skills can you please contact the Working Bee Coordinators - Mel or Gabrielle.

Golden Handshakes:

Lily, Emma & Arki:
For being great role models at our Science Expo.

For great team work


Science Expo Photos...

A reminder to let the office know if your child is going to be absent from school.

Cottage School Bush Dance

Get set for an afternoon
of family fun!

Sat 17th September
3:30 (4pm start) – 7pm
St Mark’s Hall,
Scott St, Bellerive

Bring a plate of
food to share.
BYO cup & plate
Tea/coffee will
be provided.
$10 per family
No dancing experience necessary! All dances are called – you’ll learn the steps as you go. It’ll be the cheapest, funnest afternoon you’ve had in ages. Invite grandparents, aunts, uncles and friends along too.
Contact Skye
or Andrea
for tickets and more information.


4 - 10 Queen Street
Bellerive, TAS  7018


The school can be reached during business hours at:

Ph: 03 6244 3556


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