19th August 2016

Term 3 at a glance:

23  Tuesday   Student first aid lessons (St Johns)
23  Tuesday  Biggies Camp Starts
23  Tuesday  Garden Market @ 3pm
25  Thursday  Biggies Camp Ends
31  Wednesday   Kinder Environment Day

7  Wednesday   Middlies 1/2 Environment Day
7  Wednesday   Indigenous Book Swap
8  Thursday   Littlies P/1 Environment Day
10  Saturday   Working Bee
13  Tuesday   Biggies 5/6 go to Camp
14  Wednesday   Committee Meeting @ 7pm
15  Thursday   Biggies 5/6 return from Camp
17  Saturday   Bush Dance @ St Marks Hall - 3.30pm
20  Tuesday  Garden Market @ 3pm
21  Wednesday   Middlies 3/4 Environment Day
22  Thursday   PE Concert
23  Friday   Last day of Term 3

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Whole School 1986

Recognise someone in the back row?

From Steve....

It’s been another great week in the school as far as what’s been happening, but unfortunately another not so good week when it comes to health.  Quite a number of students as well as staff have had to take time off school to recover from bad colds and tummy upsets.  Let’s hope that things right themselves quickly.
This week we’ve had the pleasure of hosting Firefighter Alison who has delivered our Fire Education Program.  It was lovely to hear lots of positive feedback about this program and in particular the way that Alison engaged the children.  No doubt you’ve all had an opportunity to revise your fire evacuation plans and discuss safety aspects around the home regarding fire risks.
Our teaching staff continue to engage in professional development around the teaching of reading.  This week the focus of our learning was centered on fluency which has three components: accuracy, rate and prosody (intonation, punctuation, phrasing and stress).  Some suggestions for how children can practice this aspect of reading at home are as follows: 

  • Read with a puppet.  Through the child, the puppet reads the text.  When finished, the puppet summarises what has been read and the listener restates the summary.
  • Read with a microphone.  The child reads the text a few times to become familiar.  Then with a toy microphone read the text as if on radio.  On completion, the listener uses the microphone to interview the reader with at least 3 questions about what was read. 

Next week is the Biggies camp at Port Arthur which I will be an eager participant.  With this in mind I’ll be out of the school on Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday.




Anyone interested in purchasing the shade sail which is currently over the Biggies deck area (pictured below)? We're selling it for a bargain price! Talk to Annette or Steve if you are interested.

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Middlies 1/2 Environment Day

On our last Environment Day, the Middlies 1,2s enjoyed a fantastic winter day exploring the lower areas of Wellington Park. We visited some great sites, including Ferntree Bower, Silver Falls, The Springs, George Radford's Monument, Rocky Whelan's Cave and Fern Glade.

Back at school, we made a big wall map of our walk and illustrated it with pen and watercolour pictures of the sights along the way. Please come to our classroom if you would like to see our work.


Ashleigh: Silver Falls


Could all the people who have participated in the French knitting fundraiser please bring the money they have raised to Lily or Leo in the Biggies on Monday. If you happen to miss them I am happy to mind it in the office until they are back from camp.

Tom's 3/4 Middlies - JACKETS ON!

Donate Jumpers or Jackets from the 15th - 25th!
We are aiming to collect 100 to donate!

Click on the cookbook for this week's recipe:
Arroz Verde.
Delicious with a nice
warm curry!

Stella: Fern Glade

Lachlan: Rocky Whelan's Cave


JACKETS ON! -  Tom's class are trying to collect 100 jackets/jumpers in just 2 weeks to donate to those in need. If you have a spare jacket or jumper, drop it off to their classroom.

School Fair Update from Ruth...

On Monday morning I will put up the current complete School Fair list next to the green space. If all families could please take the time to check their allocation and correct if needs be. I will also put up a couple of copies of what is involved for those who are unsure as to what they may have said yes to.
It’s time to start collecting kids books, puzzles and games- Please DO NOT donate adults books or magazines- they don’t sell and we have boxes of them left over from last year. Childrens books, puzzles games should be complete and in reasonable condition. Collection point is outside the Littlies cottage in the lidded plastic tub.
We will also need to start collecting good quality second hand clothes. Please don’t donate anything you would not be happy to purchase. Collection point to be confirmed next week.
Many thanks to all for their ongoing support.

What's happening in the community...

Want to get fit? Feel energised? Train with some laid back 35+ people who enjoy keeping healthy in a fun and relaxed environment? Come and train at Blundstone Arena in a state of the art gym with indoor and outdoor facilities with Energy Health Concepts
Monday - Friday 6:00am-7:00am
Monday - Thursday 6:00pm-7:00pm
Group Personal Training: Boxing, Weights, Conditioning - all Group PT sessions with small class sizes
All levels of fitness - Come and try for 1 week for free
$35 week unlimited sessions
Or 12 sessions $198 Or 18 sessions $264
Sign up for three months of unlimited sessions by the end of August and as a Cottage School parent receive a free pair of leather boxing gloves! 
There are also unofficial extra classes run Tuesday and Thursday 9.45 and Sunday 8am (with Sherri)
It's lots of fun and very friendly!
Sherri Ring (Director)Energy Health Concepts

Cottage School Bush Dance

Get set for an afternoon
of family fun!

Sat 17th September
3:30 (4pm start) – 7pm
St Mark’s Hall,
Scott St, Bellerive

$10 per family
Contact Skye
or Andrea
for tickets and more information.

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