Friday Notice 13 March 2020

What's happening during Term 1:

16 Monday: BEBRAS challenge
19 Thursday: 3/4 Middlies Camp start
19 Thursday: Kinder Environment Day
20 Friday: 3/4 Middlies Camp finish
23 Monday: Grades 3-6 Personal Best Athletics Carnival 
23 Monday: Youth Climate Leader conference
26 Thursday: 5/6 Bike Day
26 Thursday: 1/2 Middlies Environment Day
31 Tuesday: Garden Market @ 3pm

2 Thursday: 3/4 Middlies Bike Day
2 Thursday: Prep & 1/2 Middlies Bike Day
3 Friday: NAPLAN practice test
8 Wednesday: Committee Meeting @ 7pm
9 Thursday: Last Day Term 1
10 Friday: GOOD FRIDAY
25 Saturday: ANZAC DAY

27 Monday: Staff only at school
28 Tuesday: Start Term 2 K-6
28 Tuesday: Start Swimming P-6


For the latest information regarding
COVID19 and prevention in schools
please click on the following: 

March 2020 Key Messages and Actions for COVID19 Prevention and Control in Schools (UNICEF WHO Red Cross)



It's time to polish your wheels for our first social function of the year at Woody's Skate and Play Centre, 10-12 Knoll St. Glenorchy.

DATE: Saturday March 28th: 2 - 4pm.

COST: Up to 10 children $9.00 each or more than 10 children $8.00 each.

Adults $12.50 and spectators FREE

Kids can skate and scooter around with the option of having a good boogie in the disco area or have a break in the play centre. BYO scooters, skates and helmets. Skates can be hired for $4.00

As a precaution, for the remainder of term 1 we will not be sharing fruit or lunches. Please send along fruit that your child can manage without the need for cutting it up.

From Julie

It is with great pleasure that I can announce that we have appointed Skye Millar to replace Steph in the Pre-Kinder and Kinder teaching role for the last 3 terms of this year. Skye continues to provide wonderful flexibility and professional skill in whatever way she contributes to our school learning programs. She has built good relationships with students in which ever class she has worked and I am sure this will be the same as she turns her professional focus to the youngest members of our school community. Skye has already met many of the Kinder children both on duty and as we initiate our transition program for them to meet their new teacher. Skye will start meeting and working with the Pre-Kinder children soon and, sad though they will be to lose Steph, I am confident they will warm to Skye very quickly.
NAPLAN will be happening between 12th and 22nd May this year. I will be running a practice, general NAPLAN online test for grade 3 and 5 students at 9:10am on Friday 3rd April just so students can all become familiar with the online process and to reduce any stress they might possibly feel. Our previous grade 3 and 4 students have been wonderfully sensible in keeping the NAPLAN testing very much in perspective and often even seem to enjoy it. Any parent who does not wish for their grade 3 or 5 child to do the NAPLAN testing in May should see me for a withdrawal form, preferably this term.
Clarence City Council are currently undertaking a City Heart Consultation process which you can find at:   They indicate that the City Heart project will be reflective of broad community values by:
  • Ensuring our natural environment plays a leading role;
  • Conserving and celebrating our cultural heritage;
  • Providing a mix of developments that stimulate cultural, education and commerce activities, while being conscious to avoid overdeveloping the land;
  • Designing facilities, walkable streets and bicycle networks that connect people to public spaces and activities; and
  • Developing high quality transport systems and ensuring that transport plays an appropriate role within the CBD.
I wonder if an arboretum on the current Percy St carpark site would fit that vision? Submissions or suggestions are due by March 24th and you can make a suggestion by simply dragging a yellow symbol to the site on the map provided and typing what you think might improve that area.

Committee have suggested I share some fun facts about the Cottage School that may be really obvious to staff here, but that parents may not know about. For instance, did you know that all of our staff undertake first aid training every first Monday of term 3 each year? Last year we had 19 staff doing a successful full day of first aid training with Red Cross.

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Luka for his strong leadership skills and for his hard work and helpful attitude.

Laura for rising to the expectations and demands of a new class and year.

Hugh P  for the kindness and generosity he shows to his friends.

Max for really stepping up to the challenge of first time French and Poetry. Bravo!


Things I Collect
Twisty, twiny, gnarled sticks,

Glimmering, sparkling, sharp crystals,

Shimmering, fast, smooth, shiny, sleek skinks.

All in my pocket.


Middlies 3/4

The children have been busily ‘beavering’ away on a number of different projects to with our investigation into identity. Two pieces of writing over the past weeks have stood out. One piece entitled ‘All About Me’ and a second piece, a fictional construction based on the story of the Chinese Zodiac. Children selected and researched an animal which they thought shared similar personality traits and behaviours as them. They construct texts in the second person for a whole group of people who could fall under this new 13th animal in astrological cycle.
It is really interesting to see the way that different children approach open-ended tasks like this, how they incorporate modelled writing from past students, texts we construct together, sessions where students read aloud their drafts and the way they employ writing scaffolds and rubrics to help them develop and improve their writing. With feedback from their peers, students have proudly shared these honest, insightful, humorous and uniquely composed texts, which have revealed so much about them personally and as learners.
To accompany our written pieces, we have developed Paul Klee style cubist self-portraits, looking at techniques relating to balance, spatial relationship between facial features, proportion, symmetry, the use of geometric shapes and colour combination. Again, this activity reflected how differently children interpret a task, undertake a process and the different time that they require to complete a response that they feel reflects their skills as an artist.   Tom

Paul Klee style 
cubist self portraits


Middlies 3/4 stories


Numbats are small cute animals that love to be in a group but when they feel like it they can be quite independent. They are always on look out for dangers. They make friends quite easily and are very playful.

Numbats are a bit bossy but they do listen to others. They have big families and like to see each other every day. When they are little they ride on their mother's back and won’t leave their mother's side.

They are quite good sleepers but can get scared in big weather.

Numbats are quite good at communicating and learn things very quickly. When danger lurks around they are always protective of their friends and family and they always have action plans and hiding spots.

Numbats like to have beds in quite unusual places high and low. People that are born in the year of the numbat are very cheerful, friendly people but they love to be different.

Numbats hate cats and dogs as they are predators and can kill numbats.

If you are born in the year of the numbat you like most climates; hot and cold. You don’t like thunder but you love lightening.

If you are born in the year of the numbat you are quite good at football, love using a whip bow and arrows and are a bit crazy. You are hard working and persistent and you love to read.

If you are born in the year of the numbat you have bossy siblings, if not you are a bit bossy yourself.

If you are born in the year of the numbat you love to take any challenges and you love to have a good joke.

If you are born in the year of the numbat you are intelligent and are interested  in mythical creatures like Hippogriffs.

ZEBRAS By Abigail

Zebras like being in the bush like me. I like to climb trees and run around mad and pretend I’m wild like a zebra.

Zebras wear black and white stripes and I think they have a cool coat. I like wearing stripes like a zebra. Grey and white is my favourite uniform.

Zebras can run very fast. I can run fast too but not as fast as a zebra.

Zebras are intelligent and clever because they can do tricks, outsmart humans and warn their herd of hungry lions.

Zebras are very brave because they can fight a lion. I am brave too because once when I was dancing on stage, I tripped over but I kept going and did some DJ moves instead. That was very brave!

I am very interested in zebras. They are my favourite animal.

Personal Best Athletics Carnival

Our 3-6 Personal Best athletics carnival is fast approaching on Monday the 23rd of March from 12:30-2:30. We are still looking for a few more parents to help out on the day with marshalling and recording. If you are able to help, you can email My apologies to anyone who had an email to me bounce during the week, I put the incorrect address in my last email!

Bellerive Junior Soccer Club

REGISTER NOW FOR 2020: registrations close tomorrow - sorry for the late notice, I have only just received the information from the BJSC committee. For girls and boys!
Register at with Bellerive (ER)
Registrations close Saturday 14th March
Bellerive Junior Soccer Club Inc.

Nick: 0438 623 405
Outside the 1/2 toilets you can find our new collection point for the Hobart City Council Recycling Unit. We are collecting, small household batteries, cd's/dvd's, cosmetic packaging, old toothbrushes and toothpaste packaging. 


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