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Cape Town, South Africa


Angie has recently returned from South Africa, and thinks that there’s never been a better time to consider a holiday there! With exchange rates working very firmly in the favour of the UK visitor, the country provides fantastic value for money in addition to an incredibly diverse range of attractions to explore.

Not only are there exciting safaris to enjoy, either in the world renowned Kruger National Park, or the malaria-free Eastern Cape, but there are also stunning coastlines, dramatic mountains, pretty wineland villages, and cosmopolitan cities such as Cape Town. There are historical attractions to explore and educate, cultural attractions to open the mind, and even extreme sports to get the adrenalin pumping. There really is something for everyone in South Africa!


Pictures Courtesy of Angie Watson 

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Treasures of Thailand

Thailand generally conjures up images of beautiful white sandy beaches, lush green forests and buzzing, bustling cities. With a combination of these, a fascinating history, interesting culture and friendly people there is a recipe for a fantastic holiday destination. There are plenty of possibilities to consider and this example provides a diverse range

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Capital Regions USA

It is difficult to decide when to visit Washington DC and the Capital Region USA. Read our bespoke itinerary exploring Washington DC and the Capital Region.

Photograph by kind permission of Carolinas Tourism
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Polar Bears

Every year, as the waters of Hudson Bay in Canada begin to freeze over, polar bears begin to gather waiting to feed on one of their favourite delicacies – seals.  You could be there to witness this extraordinary event… 

Photograph by kind permission of Robert R Taylor
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What is this?

This month's 'What is this picture'?? If you think you know what this is and where it can be located, we would love to hear from you, please email 
Answers will be revealed in our next month's newsletter.

Last month's what is this was a Sausage Tree found in Africa!!

Kigelia africana is an African tree, easily recognised due to the large sausage-shaped fruits hanging from its branches. The generic name Kigelia comes from the Mozambican name for sausage tree, 'kigeli-keia'. Sausage trees are sacred to many communities and are often protected when other forest trees are cut down. In Kenya, the Luo and Luhya people bury a fruit to symbolise the body of a lost person believed to be dead.

The flowers only open at night and are pollinated by bats and hawk-moths. They are dark red, which is unusual for a bat-pollinated species (bats are normally attracted to white flowers), but the strong unpleasant smell of the flowers is thought to attract the bats instead.

Well done to all those correct guessers.

This months pic...

 Photograph by kind permission of  Samara Game Reserve.
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