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UnCruise Adventures - Small Cruises with Big Personality

We are sharing our stand at Destinations with UnCruise Adventures; the company that offers small ships that take you on BIG adventures. Cruising in some of the world’s most exciting coastal areas, their itineraries are flexible, off the beaten track and travel in to unspoilt natural wonders. Because of the size of the ships and passenger groups, the ambience is casual and relaxed. The boats are well appointed and the crew friendly, professional and aim to provide experiences that will last a life time. Add in local experts giving you the benefit of their knowledge and no hidden extras and you have the makings of an ‘UnCruise’ of a lifetime.


Their destinations include places that are often at the top of wish lists – Alaska, Pacific Northwest, Mexico’s Sea of Cortes, Costa Rica and Panama, Hawaiian Islands and the Galapagos Islands. And for those that prefer river cruising then there is the Columbia and Snake Rivers cruise. It is not just sitting there watching the world go by (unless that is what you want to do) you could be exploring in a skiff (small boat), kayaking, hiking with a guide through rain forests or semi deserts, mule rides, paddle boarding, snorkelling and cultural tours. Meanwhile the locals (whales, seals, dolphins, sloths, bears, birds, insects and butterflies of all hues and colours, et al) will be watching you.


The manoeuvrability of the small expedition boats and yachts gives you unparalleled access to wilderness areas ideal for viewing wildlife. The close relationships they have developed in local communities offer cultural encounters most travellers never experience. They create an unbeatable balance between exploration and relaxation in inspiring places and whether you’re travelling solo, with a companion, as a family, or with a group sharing a common interest, UnCruise Adventures provide an irreplaceable way of uncovering hidden worlds and learning whilst having fun.


Join us at Destinations for a chat about what is on offer or email or phone the office for more details.


All Photos by kind permission of UnCruise Adventures


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Destinations Show, Olympia

Photograph by kind permission of UnCruise Adventures

Don't forget we will be at Destinations Show at Olympia, London, on February 02, 03, 04 and 05. Find us on Stand AC32 which we are sharing with the American company Uncruise Adventures. Most of the team will be there over the 4 days and would love to see a friendly face or two. This is one of the biggest travel shows in the U.K and a great place to find new destinations and experiences that would suit you. If you have a particular place in mind for your holiday next year (or the year after) give us a call to book an appointment with our team expert for that part of the world. However we will be very pleased to see you as and when you are free.
For your free tickets to Destinations Show, please go to:  and then type in MSC97 in the appropriate place.
We look forward to seeing you at the event.

A Taste of South America: Brazil, Argentina and Chile

Discover the highlights of Brazil, Argentina and Chile combined in this itinerary, A Taste of South America.

Photograph by kind permission of Jennifer Appleton.

Click here to read more:- South America


 Yellowstone in Winter

Snow blankets the park and geysers continue to spout towering plumes of steam and boiling water through the crisp winter air.  These are the scenes that await on a winter visit to Yellowstone.

Photograph by kind permission of Wyoming Travel & Tourism.
Click link to read more:- Yellowstone

Two Centre City Break: Montreal and Quebec City

A tale of two cities similar in some ways, worlds apart in others – Montreal and Quebec in Canada – linked by a common theme – the lovely Quebecois people, so proud of their Province, language and personality.

Photograph by kind permission of Montreal Tourism.

Click here to read more:- Two City

Little Gem of the Month

The Wolves of Yellowstone

The wolves of Yellowstone have a very interesting history. By the end of the 1920s almost all of the United States’ wolves were killed off, predominantly by ranchers protecting their livestock. With the wolf population decimated, Yellowstone National Park then decided to reintroduce the grey wolf in 1995. It is one of the few protected havens for wolves in the U.S.

In December 2014, the park’s wolf numbers had grown to 104 making 11 packs. While wolves are protected within the park’s boundaries, outside the park different states have varying laws regarding wolf management. The availability of food within the park also leads to fluctuation in the wolves’ population. Wild wolves have a lifespan of 7-8 years.

The grey (or gray) wolf, is a large dog-sized canine with a large head, long legs, and, in the winter, bushy gray fur, tho this can vary from white to brown. They have been compared to a German Shepherd in size and appearance.

Wolves are pack animals that like to  live with a close-knit crew of 4-7 wolves. Now in Yellowstone there are several well-known packs including the Lamar Canyon Pack and the Druid Peak Pack named after the portion of the park they inhabit. All together there are approximately 75 different packs in the greater Yellowstone region.

Wolves are scavengers and mainly like to feast on ungulates, large-hoofed mammals, such as deer and elk in the park.

As a result of the reintroduction of the wolves, other animals within the park have also grown in numbers due to the Ecosystem. Much of the past century, rarely would you hear the noise in the soundscape that is Yellowstone National Park, but today it is growing more and more common to hear the sound of a beaver slapping its tail on the water as a warning to other beavers.

When the Grey wolf was reintroduced into the greater National Yellowstone Park in 1995 there was only one beaver colony in the park.  Today the park is currently home to nine beaver colonies and the promise of them expanding even more! Beavers are not the only ones to benefit from the reintroduction of wolves this has also had a knock on effect changing the eating habits of other animals when the wolves are around, therefore changing the foliage and grasslands for the better.  Biologists are astonished as to the ripple effect the reintroduction of wolves has had to the park with the direct and indirect consequences throughout the ecosystem.

If you are interested in making the amazing Yellowstone Park part of your bespoke holiday to the United States then please contact us.  

Photographs by kind permission of Helen Wibley

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