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Patrick Yarns
Advanced Textiles Source
August 2014
Flexible composites = Innovative structures
A new stadium being built in Lyon, France, will be clad in Ferrari TX30 fabric that has a 30-year lifespan and PVDF coating with high resistance to photo-oxidation. Photo: Serge Ferrari.

Flexible composites = Innovative structures

by Bruce N. Wright, AIA

Flexible composites are gaining use in many architectural applications. Key to this acceptance is the introduction of higher performance characteristics that architects and their clients require: higher thermal resistance (or R-value) and improved sustainability, both in the manufacture and in performance of the material after installation. [More]

The State of the US and Canadian fabric industry
Eventstar Structures Corp. received an International Achievement Award of Excellence for this enclosed structure for an entertainment event in Miami, Fla.  Photo: Evenstar.

The State of the U.S. and Canadian fabric industry

by Jeffrey C. Rasmussen

It was a recovery year, to be sure, but an uneven global rebound kept the lid on the world economy. After a slow first quarter, economic activity in the U.S. picked up in 2014, with improved consumer spending due to lower unemployment and a strong uptick in consumer confidence. [More]  

The sum of its parts

There are layers and layers (so to speak) to the flexible composites story. Advances in composite textiles have been important in many textile markets, offering new and impressive performance qualities that were not possible a relatively short time ago. [More]

Oxidized Polyacrylonitrile Fiber Properties, Products and Applications

Alan Handermann, Zoltek Corp.

Oxidized polyacrylonitrile (OPAN) fiber, such as Pyron® fiber, is designed for cost-effective, flame- and heat-resistant solutions in the textile, industrial, aircraft and automotive markets. Performance features include: Limiting Oxygen Index (LOI) values between 45–55; unsurpassed flame and heat dimensional stability; easy processability into yarns, wovens, knits and nonwovens; soft, comfortable fabrics; electrically nonconductive and excellent chemical resistance; no halogens and very low toxic gas emissions upon flame exposure. [More]
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Synthetic fibers: A growth market in filtration

Edward C. Gregor

Synthetic fibers have played a significant role in the growth of a number of segments in the filtration industry. Over the last 20-plus years, the filtration and separation industry has grown at a steady rate of 2–6 percent per year above the GDP, regardless of the condition of the economy. Some market segments have had a historical rise of 10 percent and more. You only need to look at what Fortune 500 and private equity firms have been paying for filtration, separation and producers of coalescing filters in terms of EBITDA premiums over the last 15–20 years to understand the magnitude and future promise of the industry. [More]
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New nonwovens and nanotechnologies meet new applications

Discover “What’s Next” from industry’s most prescient leaders at RISE® and N3M, February 9-12, 2015 in Miami, Fla. [More]
What's New?

Mobile technology for athletes

HTC is designing a series of products to work seamlessly with UA Record™, the newest addition to Under Armour Connected Fitness health and fitness network. Under Armour launched the UA Record apps and website the first week in January. [More]

Cardiac-repair patch project gets funding

Osaka Medical College, Fukui Warp Knitting Co. Ltd. and Teijin Ltd. have announced that their joint project to develop a long-lasting regenerative patch for cardiac-repair applications has been selected for support under a Japanese government program. [More]

Celliant offers new yarn technology

Hologenix LLC, makers of Celliant polyester infrared yarn technology, now has two nylon yarns (70D and 40D FDY) available in January 2015. The yarn creates infrared light that penetrates the wearer’s muscle and tissue to increase circulation. [More]
Cloak transforms into a backpack

Cloak transforms into a backpack

The Mavari surf cloak is geared toward a multi-purpose lifestyle: outdoor recreation, unpredictable weather changes and ease of portability. [More]

Photo: Mavari

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