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Advanced Textiles Source
August 2014
Making electricity where it is needed
Nottingham Trent University (NTU) in the U.K. has done extensive research in e-yarns and e-textiles. Photo: NTU.

E-textiles and the future of wearable technology

by Cath Rogan

Are you ready for the next generation of wearable technology and the impact it will have on your business? Is it something you’ve even considered? The range and performance of textile technologies, such as conductive or responsive yarns and fabrics, are constantly improving, enabling more commercial developments and creating better products.  [More]

Tracking the U.S. textile industry

by David Hinks, Ph.D.

There are clear signs of not only sustained growth in certain segments of the U.S. textile enterprise, but also a new strategic focus by a growing number of retail companies sourcing more in the U.S. than they have in the past. [More]

Innovation in pure silica fibers for hard tissue engineering applications

Özkan Yapar

With researchers at Tempere University of Technology, Özkan Yapar successfully produced pure silica fibers in nonwoven form and characterized these fibers and textile structures by the addition of various chemicals under various conditions. Mechanical and surface characteristics of the pure silica fibers were improved for versatile hard tissue engineering applications. Yapar’s method to acquire pure silica fibers and textile structures for biocomposite use is applicable and productive when compared to mechanically produced silica fibers. [More]
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What's New?

Experts gather to talk safety technology at IFAI Advanced Textiles Expo

A full schedule of sessions on new technology and developments in safety products and applications is planned on Oct. 13, the first day of IFAI’s Advanced Textiles Conference at the Minneapolis Convention Center, Minneapolis, Minn. [More]
Better protection on a bike

Better protection on a bike

Swiss company SCOTT Sports SA introduces ITD ProTec-Technology for bikewear, a blend of carbon yarns and ceramic printing to provide extra abrasion resistance, especially in high-risk situations. [More]

New textile sheets boost yields in seaweed farming

The European Union-funded AT~SEA project is addressing the challenge of harvesting seaweed on a large scale. It has developed advanced textiles that give high yields from floating seaweed farms and allow easy, mechanized cultivation. [More]
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