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Advanced Textiles Source
May 2014
Synthetic skin is self-healing

Safety on the line

by Sigrid Tornquist

Protective products in manufacturing and other industrial settings are close cousins to those used by the military, firefighters and police. Protective apparel and gear used in industrial environments are the workhorses that keep people who manufacture everyday products safe.  [More]

Everyday, but not ordinary
The advanced textiles industry has responded to the need to protect workers in factories, on road construction crews, in the oil fields and in so many other environments where a small slip in safety protocol could mean a serious injury—or even death. [More]

Rethinking polyolefin fiber in
specialty textiles

Polyolefins have taken a back seat to polyester and nylon in specialty fabrics. Polypropylene, as an example of polyolefin, has superior properties for use in specialty textiles. For companies seeking ways to separate themselves from the competition, the additive modified polyolefins achieve specific properties not readily achievable with other polymers. With a little creativity, fiber producers can tap a variety of applications previously unconsidered.  [More]
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A market overview of smart textile wearable technologies

As 2014 has been declared the Year of Wearable Technology, this paper highlights smart textile development within the wearable tech industry. Strong growth is predicted in these markets: military and protective clothing, physiological monitoring for medical and sports applications, and lighted textiles. We hope this paper will be an informative and positive resource for the smart textile industry.  [More]
The content of this white paper was provided by and paid for by the advertiser.
What's New?

iQ for FR workwear

Bulwark® FR, Nashville, Tenn., in partnership with Milliken & Co., will introduce nine new products in June 2014 to offer both comfort and safety for workers in the electric utility, oil and gas, emerging energy and manufacturing sectors. [More]

Ansell offers new safety gloves

Iselin, N.J.-based Ansell introduces its first HyFlex glove to offer oil repellency, secure grip and cut resistance.  [More]

REX-designed building clad in sunshades

New York-based architectural firm REX has proposed a building for Middle Eastern media companies that covers its two towers in sunshades that “blossom” and retract as needed for sun protection. [More]

Ballistics afoot

High-end men’s clothing maker, Over All Mastercloth (O.A.M.C.) now offers shoes made from (among other materials) Kevlar®. The shoes have been tested under a barrage of live fire and remained more or less intact. [More]
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