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December 8, 2015
Connecting the threads
Helly Hansen Workwear has transitioned to C6 durable water repellency treatments. Photo: Helly Hansen Workwear.

Safety first

A closer look at environmentally preferred DWRs.

by Debra Cobb

With the growing emphasis on multiple functionality and comfort in safety apparel, breathable and durable water repellency (DWR) has become an important attribute of most safety clothing and workwear, and the quest for DWR applications that are sustainable as well as high-performing has become a holy grail. [More]

MIT researchers develop a responsive bio-skin

Better ballistics, Part I

by Andrew D. Park

Technology, like in many other industries, has dramatically redefined the advanced textile industry. Protective materials for military and law enforcement have benefited from these improvements—and so has the market for them. [More]

Protective textiles: not an oxymoron

by Janet Preus

When the average person thinks of safety and protective products, I doubt that he or she thinks “fabric.” Used for clothing, bedding and curtains, in their world, fabrics are soft, flexible and lightweight—not the sort of material that could protect from fire or hazardous chemicals, much less a speeding bullet. Right? [More]

Effects of Twist on Cord Properties

Christine Domer, Hailide

Spending years in materials science in the tire and rubber industry, I have found large volumes of publications available on most performance aspect of cord properties (strength, elasticity, fatigue, adhesion), and when I run across something on twist I usually make a note of it. I have seen less published data and information available on the effect of twist level on textile cord properties. I have collected a few “rules of thumb” from Takeyama and Fujimoto. Recently at Hailide America Inc, we have looked at the twist effects in an industrial-grade high-tenacity polyester and have found the old tire-cord-twist rules of thumb that apply are actually inverted in the low twist region. [More]
The content of this white paper was provided by and paid for by the advertiser.

Arc Flash Rated (AR) Garments for Electrical Safety

Hugh Hoagland, Stacy Klausing, ArcWear

A summary of the thermal hazard associated with an arc flash and the relevant industrial standards and specifications used in the U.S. and EU marketplace for compliance and safety. [More]
The content of this white paper was provided by and paid for by the advertiser.

Jabil and Clothing+ introduce smart garment system

Jabil Circuit Inc., an electronic product solutions company, and Clothing+, acquired by Jabil in June 2015, have introduced Peak+, an innovative smart garment reference design for building an integrated textile heart rate monitoring (HRM) system. [More]

SANITIZED (USA) launched with N.C. headquarters

Scott Rosenzweig has been appointed president of SANITIZED (USA) Inc., and the U.S. headquarters for Swiss-based SANITIZED group has been established in Charlotte, N.C. In addition, the company will now sell directly to customers in some industries. [More]

REPREVE kicks off #TurnItGreen recycling tour

REPREVE®, the recycled-fiber brand of Greensboro, N.C.-based yarn maker Unifi Inc., has launched a national recycling education tour as the next phase of its #TurnItGreen™ movement. [More]

MIT researchers develop a responsive bio-skin

“Tech Tats” make wearable technology unnoticeable, too

Chaotic Moon Studios, a mobile software design and development studio based in Austin, Texas, is working on the “Tech Tat” biowearable e-tattoo made with conductive tattoo paint that will integrate into the user’s life and is virtually undetectable. [More]

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