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Patrick Yarns
Advanced Textiles Source
May 2015
Keeping it cool in space
BioThane Coated Webbing’s G2 is flexible, lightweight, cleanable, durable, waterproof and has antimicrobial and infection-control properties.
Photo: BioThane Coated Webbing.

Narrow fabrics’ widening markets

by Janice Kleinschmidt

Say “narrow fabric” and the average consumer may think of ribbon and zippers. The markets for narrow fabric manufacturers go far beyond those products, and with ongoing technological advances are broadening even further. [More]

Keeping it cool in space
A boot drying sheet developed by Biovation LLC for the U.S. Marine Corps may have significant implications for healthcare applications in preventing fungal infections.
Photo: Biovation LLC.

Nonwoven PLA may thrive in the healthcare market

by Jamie Swedberg

PLA, or polylactic acid, is a relatively recent innovation, but it is already the most commonly used bioplastic today. It’s a polyester, but with a key difference: instead of being made from petrochemicals, it’s plant-sourced—and readily biodegradable. [More]

Do you think you know narrow fabrics?

It’s not hard to picture a “narrow fabric.” After all, the name describes it. Well, that’s true to a point. Although ribbons, ropes, straps, slings, elastics and webbing are all narrow, for those who make high performance products for particularly demanding markets, that’s just the beginning of the description. [More]

A market overview of smart textile wearable technologies

Ohmatex ApS

As 2014 has been declared the Year of Wearable Technology, we are pleased to release our latest, updated white paper highlighting the position of smart textile development within the wearable tech industry. There are many new smart textile developments coming to market this year and strong growth is predicted in each of the following smart textile market sectors: military and protective clothing, physiological monitoring for medical and sports applications, and lighted textiles. We have had very positive responses to our previous white papers (2008, 2011) and we hope that this latest paper will also prove to be an informative and positive resource for the smart textile industry. [More]
The content of this white paper was provided by and paid for by the advertiser.
3D printed fabric developers launch campaign

Teijin Frontier offers new polyester fabric

Teijin Frontier Co. Ltd. says it has developed an all-polyester material that achieves the pile structure of toweling and offers water absorbency, a soft texture and a unique bulky-but-lightweight feel. [More]

Printable, elastic conductors for wearables

A new elastic, printable and highly conductive ink developed at the University of Tokyo holds the potential to facilitate electronic apparel. [More]

Birdair selected to cover Qatar’s World Cup venue

Reclaimed ocean plastic used in Adidas’ shoe

Athletic-apparel developer Adidas has introduced a new sneaker featuring plastic reclaimed and recycled from ocean waste. The company supports the Ocean Plastic Program of an organization that aims to end plastic pollution of the oceans. [More]

Nanoscience Instruments
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