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June 2014
It doesn't get any cleaner than this

It doesn’t get any cleaner than this

by Sigrid Tornquist

Textiles play a variety of roles in protecting cleanrooms from contamination, and although many components and processes have remained the same over the years, advances are also being made. Among changes are: a new textile laundering option, increased comfort levels of cleanroom clothing, and ways to control and bring down the costs associated with cleanrooms.  [More]

Cleanroom as one word
The dictionary says “cleanroom” is two words, but in this issue, I’m making the distinction between any room that is clean and an extremely filtered and sanitary environment required in making certain products. Many of the materials used in cleanrooms are textiles, both disposable and reusable. [More]

Innovation in pure silica fibers for hard tissue engineering applications

With researchers at Tempere University of Technology, Özkan Yapar successfully produced pure silica fibers in nonwoven form and characterized these fibers and textile structures by the addition of various chemicals under various conditions. Mechanical and surface characteristics of the pure silica fibers were improved for versatile hard tissue engineering applications. Yapar’s method to acquire pure silica fibers and textile structures for biocomposite use is applicable and productive when compared to mechanically produced silica fibers. [More]
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A market overview of smart textile wearable technologies

As 2014 has been declared the Year of Wearable Technology, we are pleased to release our latest, updated white paper highlighting the position of smart textile development within the wearable tech industry. There are many new smart textile developments coming to market this year and strong growth is predicted in each of the following smart textile market sectors: military and protective clothing, physiological monitoring for medical and sports applications, and lighted textiles. We have had very positive responses to our previous white papers (2008, 2011) and we hope that this latest paper will also prove to be an informative and positive resource for the smart textile industry. [More]
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What's New?

Testing of NASA’s next spacesuit begins in November

Work on human space exploration may appear to have settled into the background, but it has not gone away. NASA recently completed a design challenge as part of the development of the next generation of spacesuits. This design will be incorporated into the final version of the suit, to be ready for testing in November. [More]

Photo: NASA

Norway moves on PFOA sales ban

Norway has become the first European country to introduce legislation that bans the sale of products and textiles containing PFOA (perfluorooctanoic acid). [More]

Design student alters clothing with an iPad app

BA (Hons) Fashion Design student Oli Royce won the GFW (Graduate Fashion Week) Innovation Award at the London, U.K., event for a menswear collection that featured engineered prints with text and visual details only visible through an iPad app. [More]
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