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August 2014
Sportswear comes alive
Photo: Secant Medical

What today’s medical textiles can do

By Janet Preus

The first day of IFAI’s Advanced Textiles Conference covered a range of innovative new technologies and products in the field of medical and biomedical textiles. It may take many years, in some cases, before these technological breakthroughs are available commercially, but some innovations are already available and many others are perched on the horizon. [More]

Personal protective equipment used in the fight to contain the spread of Ebola includes individual gowns, gloves, masks and goggles and face shields, as well as boots covered with disposable protection. Photo: World Health Organization. 

Medical textiles save lives

Medical professionals are limited in what they can do to save someone who is very sick with Ebola; there is no magic cure, or a vaccine to prevent it. But there is a way to prevent the spread of the deadly virus and potentially save thousands of lives. And it involves fabric. [More]

Innovation in pure silica fibers for hard tissue engineering applications

Özkan Yapar

With researchers at Tempere University of Technology, Özkan Yapar successfully produced pure silica fibers in nonwoven form and characterized these fibers and textile structures by the addition of various chemicals under various conditions. Mechanical and surface characteristics of the pure silica fibers were improved for versatile hard tissue engineering applications. Yapar’s method to acquire pure silica fibers and textile structures for biocomposite use is applicable and productive when compared to mechanically produced silica fibers. [More]
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Preventing hip fractures in the elderly

ActiveProtective Technologies of Lehigh Valley, Pa., with support from product development firm Device Development (BDD), Boston, Mass., has developed a novel wearable product that is claimed to prevent hard-to-heal hip fractures in elderly patients. [More]
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Kimberly-Clark introduces AERO BLUE* surgical gowns

Kimberly-Clark Health Care has introduced the AERO BLUE Performance Surgical Gown. According to the company, it delivers the highest fluid protection available in a Level 3 surgical gown. [More]
What's New?

Fuel economy drives fiber demands in the automotive sector

With stringent fuel emission legislations compelling original equipment manufacturers (OEMs) to adopt “lightweighting,” the need for fibers in the automotive sector is poised for rapid growth. [More]

Research on spider silk fibers for composites in cars funded

The U.S. Department of Energy has awarded a Utah State University professor nearly $2 million to produce synthetic spider silk fibers that could be used to make lighter, more efficient automobiles. [More]

Faster photosynthesis in photovoltaics

A collaboration among chemists and biologists from Ruhr-University Bochum has resulted in a new method for the integration of photosynthetic proteins in photovoltaics. This could lead to the construction of semi-artificial leaves functioning as extremely efficient photovoltaic devices. [More]
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A dress that senses CO2

Danish Design studio Diffus co-founders Michel Guglielmi and Hanne-Louise Johannesen initiated a project to create the Climate Dress, an interactive garment that reacts to the CO2 changes in its surroundings by sensing the CO2 concentration in the air. [More]

Photo: Diffus Designs
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