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Advanced Textiles Source
February 2014
Diffus Design
The Wall-E(motion) by Diffus Design is a modular system of textile discs that have been embroidered with conductive yarn to generate sensory outputs including light, sound and smell. Photo: Diffus Design.

Experiencing textiles

Danish company Diffus design has developed projects that use energy harvesting technologies as a means to combine aesthetic considerations and functionality. They believe that our mobility and independence, combined with an awareness of renewable energy, will increase demand for energy harvesting devices.  [More]

The energy around us

In a Q & A with Virginia Tech’s Dr. Shashank Priya, editor-in-chief of the journal Energy Harvesting and Systems, he talks about how researchers are making progress in kinetic energy harvesting technologies, and identifying where improvements are needed. [More]

My Take
Janet Preus
Fashion and function
Kinetic energy harvesting is based on a set of fundamentals: High fashion dresses with lights that twinkle when the wearer moves may use essentially the same technology that could be used to power a warfighter’s gear on a mission in a remote area. Let’s discuss. [More]
What's New?

T-ChIP for chemical hazard and risk data

Launched this January, the Textile Chemical Information Profile (T-ChIP) accesses toxicological data and conducts a verifiable, ingredient-level hazard and risk assessment for textile and textile chemical manufacturers. [More]

Antimicrobial & anti-static fibers for performance markets

A fiber manufacturing company and industry leader has created and perfected state-of-the-art textile grade fibers and yarns from silver coated nylon with “inherent” antimicrobial and anti-static properties. Silver has been used for its restorative and reported healing properties for centuries.  [More]
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Polyfab unveils lead-free seal

Polyfab USA LLC, Manhattan Beach, Calif., has released a lead-free seal, Polyfab Shadecloth, which includes products for shade structures, shade sails and tension membrane structures. [More]

On-demand (printed) apparel

With the goal of reducing the amount of embodied energy in an article of clothing, a young entrepreneur is developing a 3D printer with the goal of creating customized, on-demand apparel. [More]

This dress responds to staring

Fashion designer and professor Ying Gao has created an exhibit of two dresses made of photoluminescent thread that are imbedded with eye-tracking technology, which is activated by a spectator’s gaze. [More]
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