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Advanced Textiles Source
August 2014
Making electricity where it is needed
Heapsylon’s Sensoria fitness smart socks, to be introduced this fall, track step counting, speed, calories, altitude and distance and pair via Bluetooth for mobile monitoring.

Making electricity where it is needed

By Dr. Peter Harrop

We are finally registering Edison’s statement from around 1880 that electricity should be made where it is needed. Smart fabrics will be successful in this. Whereas Google Glass, the impending Apple iWatch and the like employ familiar rigid electronics, making weavable e-fibers calls for completely new fiber, coating and other disruptive technology. [More]

Developments in advanced fabrics
Associate Professor Dr. Lucy Dunne, director of the Wearable Technology Lab at the University of Minnesota, will talk about overcoming the barriers to smart clothing (as opposed to discrete devices), including the difficulty of integrating electronics into textiles.

Developments in advanced fabrics

By Prof. Marie O’Mahony

IFAI 2014 Advanced Textiles Expo has a full two days of symposia, including a seminar about current research and innovation in advanced fabrics, featuring experts discussing the latest developments in advanced fabrics as they emerge in academia, research centers and industry. A key focus for the discussion will be building collaborative relationships. [More]

Innovation in pure silica fibers for hard tissue engineering applications

Özkan Yapar

With researchers at Tempere University of Technology, Özkan Yapar successfully produced pure silica fibers in nonwoven form and characterized these fibers and textile structures by the addition of various chemicals under various conditions. Mechanical and surface characteristics of the pure silica fibers were improved for versatile hard tissue engineering applications. Yapar’s method to acquire pure silica fibers and textile structures for biocomposite use is applicable and productive when compared to mechanically produced silica fibers. [More]
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New FR apparel from G&K Services

G&K Services Inc. has introduced a new line of vented flame-resistant (FR) uniforms and knit garments. [More]
What's New?

NCSU to launch testing and evaluation program

COMPETE (Consortium for Outdoor Materials & Performance Ensembles Testing & Evaluation) is a new initiative being organized by the Textile Protection and Comfort Center (T-PACC) housed at the NCSU College of Textiles. Methods, standardization, education, communication, research, training and innovation are the focused areas. [More]

DSM, Toyota Tsusho PFC-free membranes for clothing

Royal DSM announces the introduction by Toyota Tsusho of a new generation of high-performance membranes for clothing made from its Arnitel® VT, a flexible thermoplastic polyester-based elastomer. The new membranes contain no perfluorinated chemicals (PFCs), and are 100 percent recyclable, breathable and waterproof in all circumstances, despite being only a few microns thick. [More]

Since your baby can’t talk …

Sproutling, a new San Francisco, Calif.-based technology company, has launched its first product, the Sproutling Baby Monitor. Not only does it monitor a baby and the environment, but it will learn and predict a baby’s sleep patterns. [More]
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Advanced Textiles conference and trade show update
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