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Patrick Yarns
Advanced Textiles Source
August 2014
The expanding layers of the flexible composites market
SHEERFILL® II Architectural Membrane with EverClean Photocatalytic Topcoat by Saint-Gobain forms the roof of one of the venues used in the World Cup 2014 in Brazil. Photo: Saint-Gobain.

The expanding layers of the flexible composites market

by Maura Keller

Flexible composites solve problems, raise performance levels and enable the development of many new products and applications. Because of these advantages, they are being used in a growing number of industries. [More]

Oxidized Polyacrylonitrile Fiber Properties, Products and Applications

Alan Handermann, Zoltek Corp.

Oxidized polyacrylonitrile (OPAN) fiber, such as Pyron® fiber, is designed for cost-effective, flame- and heat-resistant solutions in the textile, industrial, aircraft and automotive markets. Performance features include: Limiting Oxygen Index (LOI) values between 45–55; unsurpassed flame and heat dimensional stability; easy processability into yarns, wovens, knits and nonwovens; soft, comfortable fabrics; electrically nonconductive and excellent chemical resistance; no halogens and very low toxic gas emissions upon flame exposure. [More]
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New nonwovens and nanotechnologies meet new applications

Discover “What’s Next” from industry’s most prescient leaders at RISE® and N3M, February 9-12, 2015 in Miami, Fla. [More]

Synthetic fibers: A growth market in filtration

Edward C. Gregor

Synthetic fibers have played a significant role in the growth of a number of segments in the filtration industry. Over the last 20-plus years, the filtration and separation industry has grown at a steady rate of 2–6 percent per year above the GDP, regardless of the condition of the economy. Some market segments have had a historical rise of 10 percent and more. You only need to look at what Fortune 500 and private equity firms have been paying for filtration, separation and producers of coalescing filters in terms of EBITDA premiums over the last 15–20 years to understand the magnitude and future promise of the industry. [More]
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Pagosa Springs, Colo.-based performance apparel specialists VOORMI, an innovator of precision blended wool, has introduced CORE CONSTRUCTION™ Technology, which makes it possible to integrate weather-resistant barriers and other functional cores directly into textiles. [More]

Europlasma launches Nanofics® technology

Belgium-based Europlasma, a developer of low-pressure plasma technology provides new nanocoatings for the textile and filtration industry under the Nanofics® brand name. Three nanocoating types have been designed for use on functional textiles for high water and oil repellency. [More]
What's New?

ASTM standards help prevent the spread of Ebola

Technical standards from ASTM International guide the strength, integrity and potency of the key protective tools in the fight against Ebola and other health dangers. [More]

Market growth in waterproof, breathable textiles expected

A new report shows that the waterproof, breathable textiles (WBT) market is expected to be worth $1.73 billion by 2020. A study conducted by market research and consulting company Grand View Research Inc. says increasing preference towards high-performance comfortable apparel should drive market growth. [More]
"Clean Ganga Projec" underway

“Clean Ganga Project” underway

The Clean Ganga Project has just started taking shape, with a target of three years to rejuvenate the polluted river. Industrial waste from over 700 polluting industries, such as pulp and paper, tanneries, textiles and chemicals, contribute to the pollution in at least four states through which the river in India flows. [More]
Skydriver breaks records with ILC Dover spacesuit
ILC Dover’s spacesuit allowed skydiver Alan Eustace to set multiple records. Photo: J. Martin Harris Photography/Paragon SDC.

Skydiver breaks records with ILC Dover spacesuit

Wearing a spacesuit designed and manufactured by ILC Dover, Frederica, Del., Google executive Alan Eustace set new skydiving records when he jumped from a helium-filled scientific balloon
135, 908 feet above Earth’s surface. [More]
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