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May 2015
Success in smart textiles
HEATEX technology from Kolon Glotech Inc. is a textile for clothing that generates heat using a conductive polymer.

Success in smart textiles

by Jeff Rasmussen and Janet Preus

IFAI’s market research manager Jeff Rasmussen says that the worldwide smart fabrics market is growing at an annual rate of about 18 percent from about $984 million in 2011 to a projected $1.9 billion in 2015. Rasmussen spoke on “Current Developments in the Smart and Interactive Fabrics Market” Oct. 7 at IFAI’s Advanced Textiles Conference. [More]

X-BIONIC Partial Kompression
X-BIONIC Partial Kompression promotes cooling to improve the athlete's performance.

Quantifying the benefits of compression apparel

by Debra Cobb

Ever since 1995, when Kevin Plank launched Under Armour based on a pair of compression shorts from his University of Maryland football uniform, compression apparel has been a hot topic in athletic performance wear. The popularity of these snug-fitting, elastomeric garments has created a global market valued at $2.38 billion in 2014. [More]

Just the beginning

I cannot help but be struck by the diversity of the products and technologies—and the passion of the individuals who have developed and promote them—at IFAI’s Advanced Textiles Conference and Expo. I wanted to go out to dinner with all of them, video our conversation and get their cell phone number so I can bug them whenever I have a question I can’t answer. It was that kind of conference. [More]

Arc Flash Rated (AR) Garments for Electrical Safety

Hugh Hoagland, Stacy Klausing, ArcWear

A summary of the thermal hazard associated with an arc flash and the relevant industrial standards and specifications used in the U.S. and EU marketplace for compliance and safety. [More]
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Effects of Twist on Cord Properties

Christine Domer

Spending years in materials science in the tire and rubber industry, I have found large volumes of publications available on most performance aspect of cord properties (strength, elasticity, fatigue, adhesion), and when I run across something on twist I usually make a note of it. I have seen less published data and information available on the effect of twist level on textile cord properties. I have collected a few “rules of thumb” from Takeyama and Fujimoto. Recently at Hailide America Inc, we have looked at the twist effects in an industrial-grade high-tenacity polyester and have found the old tire-cord-twist rules of thumb that apply are actually inverted in the low twist region. [More]
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AT Conference addresses textile industry's future

Advanced Textiles Conference addresses textile industry’s future

Steve Jesseph, CEO, ICG Group, delivered the keynote address, “Can this Industry Survive in 2035?” on Tuesday to a full house at IFAI’s Advanced Textiles Conference Oct. 6-7, outlining concerns about providing for a growing population and the needs of the textile industry. [More]

Sandler to open plant in Georgia

German nonwoven textiles developer Sandler AG has announced it will open a production plant in Perry, Ga., in 2016. It will be the company’s first production facility outside Germany. [More]

BondCote wins IFF Innovation Award for HEYtrax

The Industrial Fabrics Foundation (IFF) announced BondCote Corp. as the recipient of the 2015 Innovation Award at IFAI Expo 2015, held in Anaheim, Calif., through Oct. 9. The company was recognized for HEYtrax, a three-dimensionally woven structure with two base fabrics that are interlinked with spacer threads. [More]

Textile Exchange releases sustainability benchmarking report

Textile Exchange releases sustainability benchmarking report

Textile Exchange, a global nonprofit organization that works to accelerate sustainable practices in the textile industry, has announced the findings of a comprehensive benchmarking report that measures the progress of 57 leading textile companies in their effort to become more sustainable. [More]

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