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Patrick Yarns
Advanced Textiles Source
May 2015
Determining relevance in standards and testing
The strenuous nature and danger associated with firefighting requires apparel and gear that’s proven to meet strict standards. Photo: Canadian Forces Personnel Support Agency

Determining relevance in standards and testing

by Haskell Beckham

Standard test methods are used to characterize goods and services so that communication between buyers and sellers is facilitated across the global marketplace. But how does a textile or end-product manufacturer determine which standards are relevant for a given product in a given market? [More]

Starting with standards

There’s something about the topic of regulations, standards and testing that makes very bright, articulate people pause in silence. It’s not that they don’t understand the topic; it’s that it is such a complicated—and large—topic for a single discussion. [More]

Arc Flash Rated (AR) Garments for Electrical Safety

Hugh Hoagland, Stacy Klausing, ArcWear

A summary of the thermal hazard associated with an arc flash and the relevant industrial standards and specifications used in the U.S. and EU marketplace for compliance and safety. [More]
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Far infrared radiation (FIR): Its biological effects and medical applications, including FIR emitting ceramics and fabrics


Far infrared (FIR) radiation (λ = 3–100 μm) is a subdivision of the electromagnetic spectrum that has been investigated for biological effects. The goal of this review is to cover the use of a further subdivision (3–12 μm) of this waveband, that has been observed in both in vitro and in vivo studies, to stimulate cells and tissue, and is considered a promising treatment modality for certain medical conditions. Technological advances have provided new techniques for delivering FIR radiation to the human body. Specialty lamps and saunas, delivering pure FIR radiation (eliminating completely the near and mid infrared bands), have became safe, effective and widely used sources to generate therapeutic effects. Fibers impregnated with FIR emitting ceramic nanoparticles and woven into fabrics, are being used as garments and wraps to generate FIR radiation, and attain health benefits from its effects. [More]
The content of this white paper was provided by and paid for by the advertiser.

Teijin begins production of Teijinconex® neo

Bangkok-based Teijin Corp. (Thailand) Ltd. has begun producing Teijinconex® neo, a new heat-resistant and dyeable meta-aramid fiber, at its premises in Ayutthaya, Thailand. [More]

BioViz reflective apparel introduced

BioViz reflective apparel introduced

Performance apparel maker Pearl Izumi, based in Louisville, Colo., has introduced high-visibility cycling apparel using BioViz™ technology. The new line is focused on making riders visible in all conditions, day or night, at a minimum of 100 meters. [More]

Bayer MaterialScience is now Covestro

Polymer materials supplier Bayer MaterialScience began operating under a new name, Covestro, on September 1. The company is now legally and economically independent, but will remain a 100 percent subsidiary of Bayer. [More]

Levi Strauss & Co. was recognized for incorporating Tonello NoStone®  washing technology to help make denim finishing more sustainable. Photo: Levi’s.

ITMA names Sustainable Innovation Award finalists

CEMATEX has announced six finalists among its 30 entries for two ITMA Sustainable Innovation Awards. The new awards program seeks to recognize contributions to sustainability efforts in the global textile and garment industry. [More]

Sound with a screen-printed MIDI textile interface

Sound with a screen-printed MIDI textile interface

EJTech, an experimental art and tech lab based in Budapest, Hungary, has developed a textile interface for sonic interactions. The technology is screen printed directly onto a textile surface, then through an Arduino microcontroller communicates with the desired software, using MIDI protocol. [More]

Photo: EJtech
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