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November 2014
The moder-day "Philospher's Stone"
Photo: GreenTheme Technologies Inc.

The modern-day “Philosopher’s Stone”  

By Gary Selwyn

Today’s “Philosophers Stone” is the technology that is a drop-in replacement for C6 and C8 fluorocarbon finishing; it will transform the textile industry into one that is safe for the end-user, is environmentally benign—and it costs less. [More]

Oxidized Polyacrylonitrile Fiber Properties, Products and Applications

Alan Handermann, Zoltek Corp.

Oxidized polyacrylonitrile (OPAN) fiber, such as Pyron® fiber, is designed for cost-effective, flame- and heat-resistant solutions in the textile, industrial, aircraft and automotive markets. Performance features include: Limiting Oxygen Index (LOI) values between 45–55; unsurpassed flame and heat dimensional stability; easy processability into yarns, wovens, knits and nonwovens; soft, comfortable fabrics; electrically nonconductive and excellent chemical resistance; no halogens and very low toxic gas emissions upon flame exposure. [More]
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New nonwovens and nanotechnologies meet new applications

Discover “What’s Next” from industry’s most prescient leaders at RISE® and N3M, February 9-12, 2015 in Miami, Fla. [More]
3M featherless down

3M featherless ‘down’ honored

3M Thinsulate Featherless Insulation has been named a “Top 10 Insulation” by ISPO Textrends at Germany’s 2015 ISPO Awards. [More]

Photo: 3M
Erreà outfits French rugby club

Erreà outfits French rugby club

Base-layer garments produced by Italian sports-equipment manufacturer Erreà will be worn by French rugby team Stade Toulousain. The line is designed to improve blood circulation and foster the reabsorption of lactic acid. [More]

Photo: Erreà
Glass woven fabrics

Glass woven fabrics featured in major architectural projects

Atex® architectural membranes, produced by Valmiera Glass UK Ltd., were used in a recent project completed at Terminal 2 in London’s Heathrow Airport. [More]

Photo: Valmiera Glass UK Ltd.
Patagonia launches new collection

Patagonia launches new collection

Patagonia’s new “Truth to Materials” collection explores new methods of manufacturing, born from a desire to reimagine the first stage of a product’s life: the source of raw materials. [More]

Photo: Patagonia
A self-defense surveillance suit

A self-defense surveillance suit

The Aposematic Jacket is a wearable self-defense surveillance system designed by Korean artist group Shinseungback Kimyonghun that could aid in preventing possible theft or assault. [More]

Photo: Shinseungback Kimyonghun
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