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Patrick Yarns
Advanced Textiles Source
August 2014
PPE manufacturers are running at capacity to help in the fight against Ebola
U.S. Army troops received training in how to don and doff personal protective suits, using a buddy system. Photo: Staff Sgt. Daniel Wallace, III Corps Public Affairs.

Saturation point

PPE manufacturers are running at capacity to help in the fight against Ebola
By Jamie Swedberg

The current Ebola outbreak has spurred a large-scale response from governments and health organizations around the world, and manufacturers of personal protective equipment (PPE) that can be used to keep health workers safe from blood-borne pathogens are experiencing unprecedented demand. [More]

Smart fibers

Smart fibers: past, present and future

by Holly Eamon

From spider silk to biofabrics, the future of fiber has endless possibilities, according to Trenton Horinek, business development manager, Hologenix LLC. In a presentation, “Fibers of the Future,” at IFAI Advanced Textiles Expo, Horinek outlined the breakthrough technologies that have taken fibers and fabrics in new directions. [More]

This is a different kind of fight

The military is used to deploying to dangerous locations around the globe, but these are generally combat missions with a foe whose ideology threatens our security. This is different. This is Ebola. [More]

Innovation in pure silica fibers for hard tissue engineering applications

Özkan Yapar

With researchers at Tempere University of Technology, Özkan Yapar successfully produced pure silica fibers in nonwoven form and characterized these fibers and textile structures by the addition of various chemicals under various conditions. Mechanical and surface characteristics of the pure silica fibers were improved for versatile hard tissue engineering applications. Yapar’s method to acquire pure silica fibers and textile structures for biocomposite use is applicable and productive when compared to mechanically produced silica fibers. [More]
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What's New?

IFF Innovation Awards recognize four top entries

The Industrial Fabrics Foundation (IFF) gave Norafin’s Komanda for arc-flash protection top honors in this year’s competition. Vacu-Wash®, Hydro Turf™, and the PURE Tension Volvo Pavilion project were awarded honorable mentions. [More]

UNC joins #TurnItGreen campaign

With a goal of driving awareness and education about the importance of recycling among students, faculty, fans and alumni, the University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill’s UNC Athletics Division becomes the first collegiate athletics program to join REPREVE's #TurnItGreen movement. [More]
E-textile ballet shoes

E-textile ballet shoes trace a dancer’s movements

What if a ballerina could visually follow her movements in order to better focus on her technique and style? An e-textile pointe shoe called E-traces, designed by Lesia Trubat, makes this possible. [More]
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Patrick Yarns
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