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Advanced Textiles Source
September 2013
High-rise shimmers with SEFAR® Architecture Vision
A high-rise building shimmers with SEFAR® Architecture Vision, a metal-coated interlayer that provides thermal insulation and reflects UV rays for reduced cooling costs. Photo: Holzer Kobler.

Underway and not going away

By William C. Smith

Sustainability is today’s hot topic and will impact the way in which the textile industry functions in the future. Are the two goals—protecting the environment and a prosperous industry—compatible? Some would answer with an emphatic “yes”; others are not so sure.

Make it from milk

By Anke Domaske and Janet Preus

Qmilch IP GmbH makes a silky smooth fabric for high fashion, but these natural fibers are also well suited for use in home textiles, the automobile industry and medical technology. [More]

My Take
Janet Preus
The new paradigm
Today’s discussion of “good for business versus good for the environment” is shifting—slowly but surely—and may soon ask, rather, “If it’s not sustainable, can it be commercialized?”
What's New?

SensProCloth in development

At the Institute of Textile Technology and Process Engineering (ITV) in Denkendorf, two research projects are developing sensors for firefighters and incident service teams. The lead project, SensProCloth, is addressing system-integrated sensory protective apparel. [More]

Norafin develops heatable nonwovens

Within the scope of a research and development process, Norafin, with its partners, has been able to successfully develop new, energy efficient and functional, heatable nonwovens. [More]

Oxidized Polyacrylonitrile Fiber – Properties, Products and Applications

Oxidized polyacrylonitrile (OPAN) fiber, such as Pyron® fiber, is designed for cost-effective, flame- and heat-resistant solutions in textile, industrial, aircraft and automotive markets. OPAN fiber performance features include: high Limiting Oxygen Index values, unsurpassed flame and heat dimensional stability, easy processing, soft, drapeable fabrics, non-conductivity, excellent chemical resistance, no halogens and very low toxic gas emissions [More]
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Innovative yarn solutions: copper ion release yarns

We’ve all heard about yarn solutions containing copper properties, but what about copper plated yarn products? Imagine a technology that allows an intelligently-designed copper ion release formulation to be permanently placed on the surface of an otherwise standard fiber or yarn. This special “plaiting process” happens at the microscopic level with special micron-sized particles.  [More]
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Advanced textiles professionals gather in Orlando

There were lively question-and-answer sessions, focused presentations on new technologies and processes and plenty of networking at the Advanced Textiles Conference & Trade Show in Orlando, Fla., in October.
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Advanced Textiles conference and trade show update
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