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May 2015
Connecting the threads

Connecting the threads

Tips for obtaining strong patent protection in textiles.

by Mark Sweet and Mareesa Frederick

Questions about protecting IP rights should be at the forefront of any scientist’s mind as they embark on the path of patent protection and commercialization. And these questions take on particular significance in the textile industry—a fast-growing market currently overflowing with new ideas and innovation. [More]

The intellectual property minefield

In the advanced textiles world, new technologies and products are practically an every day occurrence. When one considers the difficulty—never mind the expense—of protecting intellectual property, it’s kind of amazing there is so much that’s new in this business. [More]

Arc Flash Rated (AR) Garments for Electrical Safety

Hugh Hoagland, Stacy Klausing, ArcWear

A summary of the thermal hazard associated with an arc flash and the relevant industrial standards and specifications used in the U.S. and EU marketplace for compliance and safety. [More]
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Effects of Twist on Cord Properties

Christine Domer

Spending years in materials science in the tire and rubber industry, I have found large volumes of publications available on most performance aspect of cord properties (strength, elasticity, fatigue, adhesion), and when I run across something on twist I usually make a note of it. I have seen less published data and information available on the effect of twist level on textile cord properties. I have collected a few “rules of thumb” from Takeyama and Fujimoto. Recently at Hailide America Inc, we have looked at the twist effects in an industrial-grade high-tenacity polyester and have found the old tire-cord-twist rules of thumb that apply are actually inverted in the low twist region. [More]
The content of this white paper was provided by and paid for by the advertiser.

Vest offers a warning system for road workers

Researchers at Virginia Tech want to cut the number of highway work-zone related fatalities by combining radio sensors that construction workers can wear on or inside vests with connected vehicle technology that allows cars to “talk” to one another, roadside infrastructure and personal electronics. [More]

Growth projected in the industrial protective clothing market

The global market for industrial protective clothing is expected to reach $13.3 billion by 2022, according to a new report. Rising concerns about workers’ health and safety across a variety of end-use industries, including chemical, oil and gas and manufacturing, is expected to remain a key driving factor. [More]

Jeans finishing plant announces sustainability advances

Spanish company Jeanologia announces its jeans finishing plant that will guarantee ZERO®Ø contamination. The company, a global participant in sustainable and efficient technologies for the textile finishing industry, says that this plant is a first in the industry. [More]

MIT researchers develop a responsive bio-skin

MIT researchers develop a responsive bio-skin

Researchers in the Tangible Media Group at MIT’s Media Lab say they “imagine a world where actuators and sensors can be grown rather than manufactured, derived from nature as opposed to engineered in factories.” But they haven’t just imagined it, they’ve actually done it. [More]

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