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Advanced Textiles Source
Creating the future of textiles, July 2013
The ballistic protection business reaches beyond military and law enforcement uses. Several companies offer “bullet-proof” youth backpacks. Here, Amendment II chief operating officer Rich Brand shows the front side of the company’s Rynohide CNT Shield after it was shot by high powered bullets. The shield fits into a child’s school backpack. Photo: George Frey/Getty Images

Ballistics protection: Beyond the flak jacket

By William C. Smith

Although there are no truly “bulletproof” fabrics, with today’s high-performance fiber technology, soft body armor offers improved ballistic protection. There are two primary markets: military and law enforcement personnel protection. Within each sector are many variables, calling for special add-ons or other modifications. This article focuses primarily on products for law enforcement. [More]

Auxetics advances

By David O'Keefe

An engineering and design company, Advanced Fabric Technologies focuses on developing material solutions which incorporate auxetic architecture. The unique characteristics of auxetic geometry allow a fabric to become thicker under stress. Although the company began its work in military applications, it has felt the need to diversify, as that market has been shrinking. President David O’Keefe says, however, that there is “big interest” on the civilian side. [More]

My Take
Janet Preus
Same technologies, new markets
It sounds easy, doesn’t it? You already have this fantastic technology that’s been tested, prototyped and the first product launched. There’s quite a lot you can do with that one product, if that’s what it is: once it’s on the market somewhere, there’s the potential to find new markets elsewhere. But at some point, you recognize the need and are ready to do more. You’re ready to answer the question, “What else can be done with this great idea?” [More]
What's New?

Huntsman launches EverGlide™

Huntsman Textile Effects has developed a new textile system that effectively reduces fabric to skin friction and promotes longer-lasting performance, especially for active sports enthusiasts.

> New body armor from TenCate

TenCate Advanced Armor North America announces a new line of personal protection products offering higher levels of life-saving capabilities. The product launch includes soft body armor materials, soft body armor inserts, and hard body armor plates.

Advanced nanofiber coating technology for filtration media

Nanofiber technology (the fabrication of very small fibers, typically having a diameter of less than 1 micron) has been known and practiced for many years. Currently, the most commonly used process for manufacturing nanofibers is the electrospinning process. But a new nanofiber coating process for filtration applications shows improved depth filtration and pulse-cleaning ability. [More]

Aerospace showcase call for submissions

IFAI Specialty Fabrics Expo 2013 and Advanced Textiles Conference & Trade Show will feature a unique opportunity to showcase applications used in the aerospace industry. Interested companies are asked to submit items for consideration by August 15, 2013 using the online submission form. All items must include textiles or composite materials with a fabric scrim.
Advanced Textiles conference and trade show update
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