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January 12, 2016
Connecting the threads
Engineers and technicians at NASA’s Johnson Space Center in Houston are testing the spacesuit astronauts will wear on trips to deep Space. Photo: NASA/ Bill Stafford

Textiles in space

The textile industry is called upon to help NASA prepare for its manned mission to Mars.

by Evelyne Orndoff

Since the start of human spaceflight, the U.S. space program has faced many challenges in clothing astronauts. Survival inside a spacecraft needed to be addressed first. Historically, human space exploration started with modifications of high-altitude pressure suits, which were the result of 30 years of research and development for the U.S. Army. [More]

The real Martians

by Janet Preus

Members of NASA’s materials team were on hand at IFAI’s Expo last fall – and with good reason. The agency needs the textiles industry to reach their goal of a manned mission to Mars sometime in the 2030s. In fact, Evelyne Orndoff told her audience in her keynote address, “We can’t do it without you!” [More]

Measuring the evaporative cooling power of performance apparel using the Hohenstein “Watson” test system

Dr. Jan Beringer/ Ben Mead, Hohenstein Institute

New garments out of different fibers, additives and chemical finishes with claimed cooling effects are very available on the market, and new ones are constantly being developed. Cooling properties are broadly being used in marketing of these garments. However, this marketing is rarely done with objective and quantitative measuring data, and is commonly only based on testimonials. In the past, this was partly because there was no quantitative measuring method available that was able to technically measure the cooling effect like the wearer really feels when wearing the textile.

This can now be done with the proprietary Hohenstein measuring system WATson (in German: Waerme Abgabe Tester translated in English: Heat Release Tester. [More]
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MIT researchers develop a responsive bio-skin

VRNA rolls out workwear to U.S.

Viz Reflectives North America (VRNA) of Lunenburg, Mass., has launched its patent-pending Vizlite® Dual Technology workwear to the U.S. market. The apparel line incorporates both retro-reflectivity and phosphorescence. [More]

Hexcel acquires remaining interest in Formax UK

Stamford, Conn.-based composites maker Hexcel Corp. has announced its full ownership of Formax UK Ltd. Located in Leicester, U.K., Formax specializes in the production of lightweight carbon fiber multi-axials and highly engineered glass fiber and aramid fiber fabrics. [More]

Safer travels with NanoSeptic self-cleaning surfaces

NanoTouch Materials, Forest, Va., has produced a line of portable NanoSeptic surfaces for the travel and hospitality industry. The products have a self-cleaning surface that oxidizes organic contaminants continuously without the use of chemicals or diluted poisons. [More]

Smart socks pause the TV for Netflix viewers

Video streaming service Netflix has devised a pair of socks that will pause the TV if you fall asleep by sending a signal to your TV that pauses the stream if you stop moving. [More]

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