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The Campus Chronicle - Fall 2014

Co-Founder's Message

Bridging the Gap Between
Movement and Education

It is no secret that young children need to move. This is evident watching an infant that has just learned to crawl, a two year old dancing to music or a five year old playing tag on the playground. But is there a fundamental relationship between movement in young children and their preparedness for academics come Kindergarten?


Debra Wilson seeks to prove so, and we agree. Debra Wilson is the pioneer behind the S’Cool Moves program that The Campus is implementing into our classrooms over the course of the next several months. S’Cool Moves is a movement-based program that aims to provide children foundational skills that all contribute to their academic success in Kindergarten and beyond. These skills are taught through a variety of intentional movements that involve bilateral connections (crossing the center line of the body to connect both sides of the brain), deep pressure, heavy work, core posture strength, focus, and visual and auditory integration. The Learning Pyramid below illustrates the components that must be in place before academic learning (reading, writing, more complex math) can take place.


More and more, research is showing that children who have the opportunity to move within their school day are better equipped to read, write and calculate math facts. Sure, this is partly because their body has had the chance to expend some energy and is now ready to focus. However, there is more to the equation than just expending energy. Debra Wilson’s research-based S’Cool Moves program focuses on deliberate movements that create neurological connections in the brain, which are the basis for early reading skills. An infant crawling on the floor is engaged in bilateral connection– the right side of the brain speaks to the left side of the brain to create the movement– this is the basis for creating neural pathways needed for early reading skills. A preschooler performing a forward roll is doing much more than simply rolling down a mat. She is using her vestibular system– located in the inner ear– to develop brain connections between auditory, visual and tactile. These vestibular system connections will go far beyond the gymnastics floor and help her with impulse control, auditory-visual integration, balance, and body awareness.


We are excited to roll out this new program for all of our Campus students and look forward to seeing results in our students' readiness for Kindergarten.

Happy Fall!
-Joanie Weghorst

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