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The Campus Chronicle - Fall 2014
Edition XVIV • Summer 2015

Back to School:
It Will be Here Before You Know It!

With the start of a new school year typically comes a few questions, so here are a few FAQs
that we get each year:

Can I Meet My Child's New Teacher(s)?
Of course! We find that with busy schedules and differing transition times for various age groups it is hard to organize a new student orientation for each classroom. However, we are doing something new for our Preschool and PreK classrooms this year with a Meet the Teacher night. This will happen in early to mid September and will be a chance to put a face to a name and learn a little more about who your child will be spending his/her days with and what he/she will be doing. Look for more information coming in August.

For other classrooms in which children transition in at their birthday/half birthday, we invite you to email your child's teacher directly or the office to schedule a personal meet and greet time at everyone's convenience. Our door is always open.

What Should My Child Bring for the
New School Year?

If your child's teacher is looking for anything specific she will get in touch with you via email or Tadpoles to let you know of any special items to bring. Otherwise, we ask that your child come to school each day with a bag with the following items:

  • Change of clothing (underwear and socks included)
  • Nap items: one throw blanket (please no comforters or large quilts), a small cot-sized pillow, if desired and one lovey/security item. Some parents prefer to take these home each day or, if more convenient, we can store on your child's cot until his/her last day of the week at which point we ask that you take nap items home to be laundered.
  • Your child will probably come home with lots of beautiful arts and crafts that he/she spent a lot of time creating. If you'd like to keep these organized and wrinkle-free a take-home folder may be helpful.

Where Should I Drop My Child Off
in the Morning?

Breakdown of age groups and drop-off locations below:
Infants: Infant classroom
Toddlers: Toddler classroom
Early Preschool: Toddler classroom if before 8:15am.
Early Preschool classroom if after 8:15am.
Preschool, PreK, Kindergarten:
Kindergarten classroom if before 8:15am.
Their typical classroom if after 8:15am.

What If My Child is Not in
His/Her Classroom at Pick-Up?

Fortunately for your little one we have a LOT of Kids First space at our disposal for many parts of the day. However, this space varies greatly from day to day and hour to hour. Because we have to work around many different programs' schedules the space Campus children have to use changes frequently. We will always do our best to write on a piece of paper or white board directly outside of the classroom where we are to save you searching time. Please get in the habit of checking these signs daily. If there is no sign and your child is MIA, he/she is most likely outside :) 

Can I Change My Form of Payment?
Of course. In order to do so, please create an account with our online portal (directions are below). Don't forget to update billing addresses if you move!

Directions for Online Portal Setup:
1. Click the 'Client Login' icon in the top right corner of The Campus webpage
2. Once on login screen, click the blue 'Forgot your password or need to get started?’  link
3. Enter your email address that is on file at The Campus (this is most likely the email in which you receive your Tadpole reports)
4. You will get an email with directions to reset your password
For all consecutive logins to the portal, please visit The Campus webpage and click on the Client Login icon in the top right corner.

Any other questions, just ask! 

We are so excited to welcome our Campus kiddos back to another fabulous school year!

Photos from our Annual Summer KickOff Event on May 29th!

 to Note...
Friday, JULY 24th:
Noah's Ark Stuffed Animals visits The Campus!
Toddlers, Early Preschool, Preschool, Summer Camp
All students invited to build their own stuffed animal.
Cost is $12.50/student

Tuesday, JULY 28th:
Kindergarten Orientation
(For parents and students)

Friday, JULY 31st:
Star Glazers Pottery Visits The Campus

Preschool and Summer Camp
Students invited to paint their own pottery. 

Cost ranges between $6 and $10/student depending on piece

Dates to Note...
Friday, AUGUST 14th:
The Campus is CLOSED
for Teacher Work Day

Monday, AUGUST 17th:
First Week of the
New School Year

Wednesday, AUGUST 19th:
First Official Day for Kindergarten

Upcoming Dates
to Note...

September 7th:
The Campus is CLOSED for Labor Day

Early to Mid September:
Meet the Teacher Night
Preschool and PreK
(exact dates TBD)

October 12th:
The Campus is CLOSED for Teacher Professional Development
(Columbus Day)

October 19th and 20th:
Fall Pictures
October 2014
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