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Campus Chronicle 
Holiday 2014, Edition XVI
Co-Founder's Message

Dear Moms and Dads,


There have been some questions about our new Tuition structure. We want to include you on the thought process behind our decision:


The Campus is a small, intimate educational institution that opened its door two years ago, January, 2013. Our high goal is simple, to give children the tools to help them grow into happy, healthy, responsible adults. The first two years has been an amazing experience for all and our growth has exceeded expectations and, as you may know, most of our age groups are now at capacity. Sincere thanks to all, especially the ‘early adapters’, for your trust in us. Your kids are our kids‘  and we pledge to teach and love them as if they were our own.


Leading to the Decision

Despite The Campus’ success, our costs still slightly exceed our revenue. Stated another way, the Company has been recently operating at a slightly negative profit margin, a situation that although not indicative to the health of the business, clearly has to be remedied. We considered three options:

1. to reduce quality (higher ratios, lower paid teachers, eliminate programming)
2. a tuition increase of ~10% across the board.
3. to eliminate inefficiencies that may exist.


We quickly ruled out a reduction in quality, a decision we feel certain that most Campus parents agree with. (To be clear, our goal remains to enhance programming with more intentional after-school activities and enrichments.) 


Tuition increases of various % were considered and then set aside while we conducted an hour by hour staffing efficiency study. 


It quickly became clear that while our School Day efficiency was on target, our Before and After Care efficiency was poor and ‘all over the board’ leading us to our decision to ask our families to identify their drop off and pick up windows and to pay a modest fee for each additional window needed. This results in three synergistic positives: (1) it will generate modest revenue and, far more importantly, (2) it will allow us to staff more efficiently and materially eliminate wasted payroll dollars, and (3) it will allow us to plan intentional and purposeful activities and enrichments for your children during the after-school hours (exciting cooking activities, science experiments, interactive read-alouds) in addition to their social play.



A word about The Campus’ All-Inclusive Tuition 

The value of our ‘All-Inclusive Tuition’ can sometimes get ‘lost in the shuffle’ and go unnoticed. Please take a look at the Tuition Comparison  below which helps demonstrate the value of an early education at The Campus.   


Happy Holidays!

Joanie and Jeff

Nora adds the finishing touches to her cookie.
Early Preschoolers use pine needles to paint their Christmas trees.
Reese and Ms. Ladye enjoy some ball time at Tumble Bees!

 to Note...
Holiday Workshop

*Campus closes for care at 6:00pm. Mini-Performances begin at 6:10.


Kindergarten Out of Session*
*The Campus is still open and all Kindergarten children are welcome but no new curriculum will be taught.

December 24th-26th:
The Campus is CLOSED
Merry Christmas!

The Campus is CLOSED
Happy New Year's Eve!


Dates to Note...
The Campus is CLOSED
Happy New Year!

Martin Luther King, Jr. Day

OPEN Normal Hours
Kindergarten Not in Session*
*All Kindergarten children are welcome but no new curriculum will be taught

Dates to Note...
New Before/After Care Schedule Begins

Kindergarten Open House


The Campus CLOSED for Teacher Professional Development


Please get Before/After Care schedules in by January 12, 2015!
Thank you!
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Ella and Lakshmi experiment in the sand during centers in Kindergarten.
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