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SunEdison, TerraForm Buy First Wind for $2.4B is a financial scam to defraud investors and bail out the Goldman Sachs thieves that run phony "Green" schemes.

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SARTRE is the pen name of James Hall, a reformed, former political operative. "Populism" best describes the approach to SARTRE's perspective on Politics. 

BATR RealPolitik Newsletter

MMXIV Vol. 61 - November 20, 2014

Another Green Energy Fraud

SunEdison, TerraForm to Acquire First Wind for $2.4 Billion
TerraForm is a yieldco that went public in July. Yieldcos are an increasingly popular way to hold renewable energy assets. They let developers raise capital at lower costs by selling completed projects to their yieldcos and using the proceeds to fund new projects.

The purchase of First Wind is expected to be immediately accretive to TerraForm Power, delivering $72.5 million in unlevered cash available for distribution next year, according to the statement.

Ending a partnership challenged twice before state regulators and in court, Nova Scotia-based Emera has sold its interest in a $333 million joint venture with First Wind, which was purchased Monday by a Missouri-based renewable power developer.

Emera announced Monday that it has agreed to sell its interest in Northeast Wind Partners back to First Wind for $223 million.

The deal would end a legal challenge to that partnership, which Houlton Water Co. and a group representing industrial power users argued violated the intent of New England’s deregulation of its electricity market. 

Opponents of the partnership had won in a ruling earlier this year before the Maine Supreme Judicial Court, which found that state regulators did not properly determine whether the relationship between Emera and First Wind provides an incentive for the subsidiary of the utility, Emera Maine, to favor one power generator over another.

Regulators reviewed that decision a second time and approved it in a 2-1 vote in July, with Commissioner Mark Vannoy as the lone dissenting vote on the Maine Public Utilities Commission.
Over the last couple of years, SunEdison undertook a successful turnaround plan. Two years ago, the company’s stock was sagging as low-cost Chinese solar panels undercut American offerings.

But with the help of a new plan pushed heavily by Steve Tesoriere of Altai Capital, an activist hedge fund that SunEdison surprisingly welcomed into its boardroom, SunEdison has built both solar panels and power-generating projects around the world. SunEdison held a successful initial public offering for TerraForm in July.

The acquisition will help TerraForm satisfy investors looking for a bigger pipeline of projects, Shayle Kann, an analyst with GTM Research, wrote in an email. He added that First Wind had “made a successful foray into solar project development over the past couple years.”

Jigar Shah, the founder of SunEdison tells GTM, "Access to low-cost capital is a huge strategic advantage today. First Wind needs access to this capital and this transaction shows that SunEdison has more credibility on YieldCos and low-cost capital than anyone."

Google will invest $145 million to fund the construction a solar power plant on an abandoned California oil filed by Missouri-based utility SunEdison.
SunEdison Inc.’s subsidiary TerraForm Power Inc. has debuted as an independent company.

TerraForm Power has granted its underwriters a 30-day option to purchase up to an additional 3,009,750 shares at the IPO price, which was set at $25.

TerraForm will buy renewable-energy assets from SunEdison and other companies, according to the filing.

On Sept. 11, 2009, Democrat congressman Eric Massa of the 29th Congressional District of New York -- yes, this district actually exists -- wrote President Obama a letter regarding the Obama administration's $74.6 million grant to Canadaigua Power Partners, LLC, and Canandaigua Power Partners II, LLC, in Cohocton, N.Y. These companies, according to Massa, "act as shell companies that deceptively operate on behalf of First Wind, which is currently under investigation by New York State Attorney General Cuomo for corruption charges in Cohocton and across the Northeast."

G 20 and BRICS Great Schism
Global trade relationships and agreements are moving in very different directions. The public relations press releases hide the undercurrents that are driving the formations of alternative economic alliances. While the G 20, markets its all inclusive umbrella policy forums, the mere formation of a BRICS counterweight forecasts deep and fundamental differences. So what is really behind the creation of a different approach to the post WWII dominate U.S. lead model? A clue can be found in an attempt to modify the operations and direction of IMF functions.

Globalism Free Trade Immigration Connection

How is your life going under the Global Empire? If you answer honestly, for non billionaires, the response must reflect disappointment if not immense distress. Middle America stands on the precipice of oblivion. While the recent past decades have shown steep declines in financial security and net wealth, the future looks much more ominous. The link between the shift to an internationalist de-industrialization economy and open border immigration has hit the United States hard. This harsh reality is routinely denied in the financial press, but the social chaos that engulfs society is largely caused by this betrayal mindset. Corporatists are waging war against the American public.

Read the entire "Reign of Terror" essay

Industrial Wind and the Production Tax Credit

The glimmer has been lost from industrial wind. The "Green" promises of an alternative energy hits a brick wall when applied to this industry. By an objective analysis standard, wind projects make no economic sense. Just look at some of the provisions that subsidized this botched industry. 

"The American Recovery and Reinvestment Act of 2009 (H.R. 1) allows taxpayers eligible for the federal renewable electricity production tax credit (PTC) to take the federal business energy investment tax credit (ITC) or to receive a grant from the U.S. Treasury Department instead of taking the PTC for new installations. 


Imperium the foe of the NWO 

Sincere and serious scholars understand the deception and untruth of the linear political spectrum, Marxism on the Left and Fascism on the Right. Those who recognize Hegelian fraud for its mendacity, understand that the only difference between Communism and Nazism is their packaging. Both are one in the same - Totalitarianism. History and politics can only be accurately understood, if the hoax of diametrically opposed authoritarian regimes are exposed for what they are; namely, siblings of despotism.

Read the entire article on the "Global Gulag" archive page

BATR Partner Publishers:  A Sheep No More



The folks at Buzzfeed dropped big news Monday evening with a story quoting a senior executive from Uber, the popular San Francisco-based ride-services company, as suggesting the company should consider hiring opposition researchers to dig up dirt about journalists who criticize the company — specifically Sarah Lacy, the outspoken editor-in-chief of Pando Daily, an online publication covering Silicon Valley.

Industrial Wind and the 
Wall Street Cap and Trade Fraud 

Cap and Trade blowback

What is the primary reason that Wall Street wants to finance, maintain huge equity interests and underwrite industrial wind development? Cap and Trade is the hidden motive behind this defective alternative energy technology and wind turbine development.

Read the entire essay from the "Radical Reactionary" archives
Gruber: Obama personally asked me to help disguise unhelpful Obamacare facts
“The problem is it’s a political nightmare, and people say ‘no, you can’t tax my benefits’…so what we did a lot in that room was think a lot about well how could we make this work?  … And [Obama] is really a realistic guy.  He was like, ‘look, I can’t just do this.’  He said ‘it’s just not going to happen politically.  The bill will not pass.  How do we manage to get there through phase-ins and other things?’  And we talked about it. -  Jonathan Gruber

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According to House Budget Committee’s ‘Empty Promise of Green Jobs’ study, “The Costly Consequences of Crony Capitalism” 11/21/11:

First Wind Holdings received a $117 million loan guarantee in March of 2010. First Wind withdrew its initial public offering in October of 2010, due to a lack of investor demand.  According to the Boston Globe, investors shied away from the company because “First Wind owes more than $500 million, loses money on a steady basis, and reports a negative cash flow.”

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