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Jeff Bezos' Washington Post has become the most dishonest mass media newspaper. The Beltway crowd lives in a delusion of the real world. Their crown jewel of lies has zero credibility.

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SARTRE is the pen name of James Hall, a reformed, former political operative. "Populism" best describes the approach to SARTRE's perspective on Politics. 

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BATR RealPolitik Newsletter

MMXVII Vol. 189 - May 18, 2017

Washington Post the Real Fake News

Did Washington Post Just Publish Its 4th Major
#FakeNews Story in Last Week?

1.) The Washington Post was completely off in their fake news reports last week Comey asking for more funds to investigate Trump before he was fired.
2.) The Washington Post was wrong about Deputy Attorney General Rosenstein threatening to resign.
3.) The Washington Post claimed Sean Spicer was “hiding in the bushes.”
4.) The Washington Post accuses President Trump of releasing top secret information to the Russians during his meeting in the White House last week.

Russia: Washington Post story 'yet another fake'

Russia's foreign ministry spokesman has denied reports that President Trump revealed classified information to senior officials during the Russian minister's visit to the Oval Office last week.

The Washington Post reported on Monday that the revelation put a source of intelligence on the Islamic State at risk.

Maria Zakharova, spokeswoman for the Russian foreign ministry, on Facebook on Tuesday described the reports as "yet another fake."

The reports came several days after the White House faced criticism for a possible security breach after it allowed a Russian news service photographer into the Oval Office to snap photos of Trump with Russian Foreign Minister Sergey Lavrov and Russian Ambassador Sergei Kislyak last week.

Greg Miller of the Washington Post is Politically Assassinating President Trump
Here are seven other bizarre features of the story.

1. Even the Post admits that it would not be illegal for Trump to reveal classified information.

2. The Post cites “former U.S. officials” as a primary source for the story. 

3. The Post mentions former FBI Director James Comey early in the story.

4. The leaked information was largely public.

5. The Post exposes its sources to possible criminal liability.

6. The Post does more to highlight classified information for the Russians than Trump possibly could have.

7. The Post merely shrugged when Vice President Joe Biden pointed out where the nuclear codes were.

Now, as WashPo’s popularity and credibility takes a nose dive, they are also being threatened with lawsuits for defamation and character assassination. Having no real sources for their “fake news” story, Craig Timberg and WashPo are reeling in dismay and concern over what to do to reconcile their situation. Jeff Bezos made a huge mistake, believing that anything the WashPo shills print would be believed as real and influential on the masses. Since the publication, WashPo added an editor’s note at the top of the story that admits slander and defamation, yet still fails to retract the lies–a huge mistake on their part.

In fact, the discredited fake news group “PropOrNot” was the primary (and possibly only) source for the story. The story also went so far as to defame Zero Hedge with unsubstantiated allegations. Then, the “Trump won because of Russian Hacks” story was sourced by every other fake news outlet as if it were real. What may be even worse is that Bezos’ WashPo rag partners with China‘s communist government and advertises their propaganda too. (10)

WashPo has a cozy relationship with the Chinese government via their “China Watch” publication, available in print and online. The articles mislead readers by distorting and filtering important information about human rights issues and they also cross ethical boundaries. Much like China, USA’s mainstream media is totally government controlled, and Bezos is promoting more of the same by funding the D.C. rag WashPo. The propaganda comes from all angles, including economical and political, with an endgame of having Americans support more of the same big government regime.

Washington Post Creates Fake News Timed-Release Story Intended to Capture Evening News Lede…
Always remember the basic rule that has been proven accurate 100% of the time:

When the CIA wants to leak a damaging story they coordinate with the Washington Post and ABC. (and vice-versa).

When the State Dept. or FBI/DOJ wants to leak a damaging story they coordinate with CNN and the New York Times. (and vice-versa)

This consistent pattern has NEVER been broken.

Tonight using “unnamed” and the most vague descriptions of  “anonymous sources” The Washington Post creates a fake news story specifically timed to release at the 5pm hour to hit President Donald Trump.

The Washington Post has been caught lying and deceiving the public twice in the last few weeks pushing the unfounded mainstream media meme that Russia invaded the U.S. electric grid and another claiming that Russia is behind the explosion of so-called ‘fake news.’

Considering that the power grid story was proven to be a fake news story that WashPost had to later retract…
We have to consider the legitimacy of any further claims the outlet has against Russia as particularly dubious.

The Intercept has some interesting analysis on how outlets such as WashPost not only deceive the public, push false state sponsored talking points but also how they profit financially from this collusion.

Fake News Alert: Trump DID NOT share Intel with Russia + New Evidence Seth Rich DNC Email Wikileaks

The Washington Post published its dubious story on President Trump leaking classified information to the Russians less than an hour after the bombshell news broke that murdered DNC staffer Seth Rich was in contact with Wikileaks and that DC Police were ordered to cover it up.

The coincidental timing has led many Trump supporters to accuse the Post of publishing their story in an attempt to distract the rest of the media from focusing on the massive new revelations in the Seth Rich case.

The Washington Post story was published around 57 minutes after the Seth Rich story broke.

READ The Intercept articleWashPost Is Richly Rewarded for False News About Russia Threat While Public Is Deceived

“As long as I am president no one is going to stop you from practicing your faith or preaching what’s in your heart,” Trump said.

Though he didn’t explicitly reference the Johnson Amendment, Trump signed an executive order on May 4 aimed at repealing that legislation. The Johnson Amendment restricts tax-exempt entities — including churches — from engaging in partisan politics, such as donating to or endorsing a political candidate or campaign. Some evangelicals, including Falwell, have said the legislation unfairly punishes churches and restricts freedom of speech from the pulpit, and have urged for repeal.

“Repealing the Johnson Amendment was the first issue he mentioned to me at the beginning of his campaign, and last week he proved he was a man of his word. I do not believe that any president in our lifetimes has done so much that has benefitted the Christian community in such a short time span than Donald Trump,” Falwell said in his introduction for the 45th president of the United States.

Establishment Plots Trump Removal
Russia, Russia and all things Russia!

The drum beat never ceases. Only the most dense and easily manipulated buy into the bogus narrative that Trump is a Russian asset subject to blackmail. After all these pathetic months of disinformation from the Beltway District of Criminals, the absence of factual reality has become the most rare commodity in the public arena. The establishment panic over the enactment of a robust America First policy administration has the bi-partisan ranks of dedicated Statists scheming to remove President Trump from office by any means necessary. It should be obvious that marginalizing his presidency started the day of his election. Now the ground work is being set to trump up some phony story, absent of any definitive proof, that will entice the GOP never Trumpers, to join in with the deranged Democrats to remove their most threatening nemesis.
Public Registration of Asset Ownership

When the Panama Papers broke and the news cycle had an opportunity to scold the wealthy from using offshore accounts to stash some of their wealth, the globalist regulators had another excuse to demand that financial privacy needs to end. Lost in this frenzy is that private property is an inherent natural right of individuals. If money was ill-gained, by theft, criminal endeavors or manipulated transactions; the penal judicial system certainly has enough tools to hold crooks accountable. Yet, the monetary controllers want to know exactly where and how much cash you have under the mattress or in a foreign bank account.

Read the entire article "Corporatocracy" archives

California Dreaming: Bankruptcy, Pensions and Taxes

The California Public Employees' Retirement System lives in the rarified air where financial magic somehow materializes to pay for their irrational exuberant pensions. When the drug high is over, the real world requires a harsh penalty for ebullient irresponsibility. The Chicago Tribune reports:

Shadow Forces Behind Government

Let no man or woman dare speak of a shadow government. The crony corruptocrats that make up the ruling elites of the world must maintain the illusion, that elected governments are based upon willful consent and have the legitimate authority to establish rules of conduct that their citizen are obligated to obey. For those regimes that maintain their grip of power by undemocratic means, the apologists for the international community give a wide berth of acceptance in order to maintain the appearance of individual national sovereignty.
Read the entire article on the "Totalitarian Collectivism" archives

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It’s a Matter of Trust

We live in an age of continuous government investigations. It has brought little comfort or meaningful reform. Each succeeding report issued by the newest panel of recognizable faces, seldom brings confidence that “We the People” are being told the truth. Complexity in details are explained away as mere random chance, while flaws in logic and conclusions are dismissed as irrelevant considerations. We then are told an official version to believe, what allowed accounts to accept and a recognized history to support the next investigation. All the time the issue of official TRUST remains unjustified.

Read the entire essay from the "View from the Mount" archives


By listing itself as a 501(c)(4), Clinton is able to take so-called “dark money,” or money from donors who legally do not have to be disclosed, in unlimited amounts.

In October 2015, during a town hall meeting in Iowa, Clinton called 501(c)(4) groups “unaccountable dark money,” and even used the left’s favorite boogey-men, the Koch brothers, as an example of a group that operates this kind of organization:

Beware of “Wanna Cry” ransomware attack says Guyana cyber-security response team

“In the event that your computer has been infected with the “Wanna Cry” ransomware, take the following steps; disconnect and quarantine the infected system by removing it from your network and apply the latest Microsoft patch to all computer systems,” the statement advised.


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The Washington Post has demonstrated it is a clear and present national security threat to the United States of America. They’ve gone beyond their usual news fakery and have now decided to actively work against the interests of democracy.

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Washington Post Admits Their “Russian Hacking” Story is Fake News
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