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Better wake up soon before you will find that your First Amendment right is silenced just as easy as pulling the plug on the Michael Savage broadcast.

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SARTRE is the pen name of James Hall, a reformed, former political operative. "Populism" best describes the approach to SARTRE's perspective on Politics. 

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MMXVI Vol. 157 - September 29, 2016

Michael Savage Taken Off Air

Talk radio star Michael Savage has characterized his being abruptly pulled off the radio on Monday afternoon following a discussion of Hillary Clinton’s health issues as an act of “pure sabotage.”

In an email to this reporter on Monday night, Savage wrote:

Pure sabotage. No advance notice from me or my producers. Then ‘ISDN problems’ during my discussion of the side effects of Levodopa, used for treating Parkinson’s.  Then the two fill-ins trying to sound informed and clever from WABC who have 40% lower ratings than me, boasting on air during my hours that they conducted a ‘coup’ by taking Savage off the air.

Savage was taken off the air on New York powerhouse WABC and was replaced by Curtis Sliwa and Ron Kuby, host of the afternoon drive show titled “Curtis & Kuby.”

Breitbart News reported earlier:

Obviously, Savage was sabotaged. Worse, he is not the first person to face such blatant censorship. Dr. Drew Pinsky was pulled from his show immediately after he discussed Clinton's health. Both Pinsky and Savage are doctors although in different fields. 

These are blatant cases of hard censorship. While this censorship is not conducted by a government office, it is done by private firms, possibly under government pressure. Under the First Amendment, the government cannot practice active censorship of free speech. But a loophole is to censor via the firms such as radio stations, search engines, and more.

Globalists Shutting Down Opposition Media
Did Michael Savage Get Pulled Off The Air?

I have big time disagreements with popular radio talk show host Michael Savage. Although he’s a pro-Israel neocon, he’s often spot on about Obama, Hillary Clinton, the Democrats, and occasionally the Republicans.

Millions of people hate him. Millions love him.

Millions will apparently not be able to listen to him if Yeshiva World can be believed.

“Michael Savage, the host of the nationally syndicated “The Savage Nation,” says he has been “couped” off the air in his number one affiliate, WABC-Radio NY,” the website reports today.

Popular Radio Host Michael Savage Broadcast Shut Down Nationwide as He Discusses Clinton’s Health…

Shortly thereafter, as Michael Savage discovered the issue and began discussing what was going on in/around the New York broadcast area, all Savage affiliates nationwide cut off the broadcast and replaced the live transmission with a recording of a previous show.

Here’s a recording of the 2nd hour broadcast today that explains what was going on, as it was going on in real time, and as Savage began finding out what was happening.   The explanation culminates best around the 23:00 point of this audio.

The Savage Nation with Michael Savage - September 26 2016

After he was sent off air, Savage lamented that those who replaced him gloated that a coup had been carried out.

He indicated that he believed that it was done purposely on this all-important day, the day of the first presidential debate between Donald Trump and Hillary Clinton.

“I’m one of the most important voices in the conservative movement and have been for 22 years,” he said after being tossed off air. “And I will say once again: I am outraged by this maneuver on the part of the company that makes a fortune off my talent and I will not tolerate it.”

Was Michael Savage Censored For Discussing Hillary’s Health?

“[On Monday] he was discussing his perspectives on the presidential debate and giving examples of current and anticipated debate bias. In addition, the broadcaster began discussing Hillary Clinton’s mysterious health condition that Savage believes might be Parkinson’s,” the Conservative Treehouse explained about the Savage shutdown.

Savage, a Donald Trump supporter and National Radio Hall of Fame inductee, told his listeners yesterday that he was sabotaged in his largest market.

“I spent 30 minutes talking about Hillary’s health problems; I read you every fact about it. I then read you the pharmacology of Levodopa which is the main drug for Parkinson’s, and right in the middle of that discussion of Levodopa and its side effects, I was cut off across the country,” Savage declared on his show in real time (listen to the embedded audio below starting at about the 23-minute mark).

Michael Savage Pulled From Nations Airwaves Live On Air For Discussing Hillary's Health

The liberal controlled media, the same octopus that controls all of the national mainstream outlets and the Internet monopolies of Facebook, Twitter, Google and Yahoo, has been going after those who oppose their destruction of the United States. That has in the past and presently continues to happen in the form of bias and knocking down the posts and accounts of little guys, censoring our reach so that our message doesn’t get out and our ability to earn a living is jeopardized.

Matt Drudge warned Alex Jones last year that the government was coming to shut them down this year in the same manner. Today those warnings came true in the form of an attack against one of the premier voices in the liberty, anti-global fascism movement, Michael Savage.

Recently, I wrote an article where I detailed that the Independent Media would be shut down within 6 months if the people did not push back. Well, it turns out that my prognostication was optimistic.

In the past week, my Oathkeeper’s interview with  media director,Jason Vantatonhove, was banned by Youtube. I posted to Facebook my community’s story of how we defeated the New World Order with regard to the Canamex Highway and I was banned from Facebook. My radio interview with Amerigedon producer, Gary Haevin, was banned by Youtube.  Now Michael Savage has been banned nationwide.

Top Election News

One thing is for sure, the next few news cycles will be about how Hillary won the debate with her presidential demeanor and her grasp of the issues. This was a given from the start. What remains to be seen is whether the voters will buy it. The debate itself had a much larger audience than the various talking heads spin shows will have. Given a choice between a candidate who says we need to change systemic racism in the criminal justice system and one who calls for law and order and is willing to employ stop and frisk to get there, is Middle America really going to want to vote for someone who thinks the reason for the decades-long black crime wave is because white people are oppressing blacks? Even after Charlotte and Milwaukee and trillions of dollars of welfare? How the voters themselves judge tonight’s debate remains to be seen.

America First is based upon Traditional Heritage
Accurate history is the first causality in any establishment account of events and their significance. When the fundamental chronicles of national heritage is purged and supplanted with a total reversal of the nature of America’s essence, the public is browbeaten into adopting a phony and destructive departure from traditional values and purpose. The intense disparaging of the America First Committee and their vigorous defense of the Originalist Perspective for a non-interventionist foreign policy was a profound departure from constitutional restraint and limited Presidential authority.
Private Equity a Formula for Fraud

How quaint, private equity sounds like the very definition of capitalism. Well, peel back this onion and the tears come streaming from your eyes. As with any insider investment scheme, the devil is in the details. So when these operations fell under government regulation, some optimists felt good that the government would protect the limited partners and the entire financial system. Just how did it work out?

Read the entire article "Corporatocracy" archives

Farm Supports and Social Welfare
The planting season is in full swing as is the transfer of subsidies to big agriculture and social welfare food stamps. Which has more worth, paying the Monsanto and property tax bill or running a public assistance program that allows for the buying of lottery tickets? Well, if you are Congress, both have benefit, but mostly for their political value. Why are food stamps part of the Farm Bill? Nancy Marshall-Genzer makes a shrewd observation.

Inverted Totalitarianism and the Corporate State

Stricken with a terminal disease, the decline of traditional society is unavoidable. For decades, the political institutions that fostered a Republic based upon individual liberty and responsibility fade into fond memory. Defenders of all that made America a shining example of human freedom are attacked and ridiculed for holding onto a moral and ethical system that is based upon the dignity of every individual. Most will blame the failure of this decay on the politicians that willfully pander to the masses with the next generation of social welfare programs. While defining a politician as a scoundrel, deserving damnation, seems obvious; the underlying source of the decay that eats away the culture comes from various directions.

Patriotism and Civil Disobedience

As the NATO juggernaut directed by a U.S. NeoCon foreign policy marches towards a nuclear confrontation with Russia, the American public is being manipulated to accept that Foggy Bottom knows best. Even under the placid Obama regime, the chicken hawks are able to restart a new cold war that is getting hotter by the moment. The singular opportunity to forge a lasting peace after the fall of the Soviet Union has been squandered by the globalists, who lust after their only superpower status. Well, the time is approaching for payback. Only God can prevent the annihilation from WWIII, since Dr. Strangelove has the code for the nukes and the culture that permeates military planning actually believes that a nuclear war can be won.

Read the entire essay from the "Inherent Autonomy" archives

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Trump supporter Jack Posobiec went to the Mall dressed in an orange prison outfit wearing a blond wig and Hillary Clinton mask while holding a sign that read “Blacks are super predators – H” The sign referenced a controversial remark Clinton made while First Lady in the 1990s.

"I have much better judgement than she has"

"I have much better judgment than she has. I also have a much better temperament than she does. She spent hundreds of millions of dollars on an advertising -- you know, they get Madison Avenue into a room, oh, temperament, let's go after.

I think my strongest asset, maybe my far is my temperament, I have a winning temperament, I know how to win. She does not." - Donald Trump


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Talk Radio Host Michael Savage Abruptly Removed From Radio, Claims ‘Sabotage’

Savage says if this continues tomorrow, he may leave radio.

Savage is calling on his listeners to call WABC at 212-613-3800 or email the station to voice their outrage.

Michael Savage @ASavageNation


5:04 PM - 26 Sep 2016

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Savage Pulled Nationwide: The War On Free Speech Has Begun
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