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CWC Public Trust Special Project - Update



Thank you for supporting the Water Congress Public Trust Special Project. 


To recap, the goal of the special project is to communicate to Water Congress members and project participants critical issues surrounding the basis for Colorado water rights and the impacts that a public trust doctrine would have. Our effort will encourage the water community to carry the message to their employees, members, civic leadership networks and the public at large. 


As a Public Trust Special Project donor, the Water Congress will update you on special project progress via email frequently. Here is a recap of special project progress to date:


Current Activity


  • The Water Congress is assembling a Public Trust Special Project advisory committee, comprised of public interest entities, which will hold its initial meeting June 11 at Water Congress headquarters. The purpose is to establish the committee, review background, current plans, budget, and key member responsibilities. 
  • The Water Congress board of directors has approved and the Congress has executed a contract with Burns, Figa & Will, P.C. to provide legal resource to handle proceedings on potential public trust measures.
  • The Water Congress board of directors has approved and the Congress has executed a contract a contract with strategic marketing communications firm Red Canoe Marketing for communications support. 
  • A contract with a public polling firm is in progress and will be signed by early June.
  • The Public Trust Special Project Initial Fund Raising document has been emailed to Water Congress members and posted to the Water Congress website.


What’s Next


  • The Water Congress will create a comprehensive FAQ document to help the Congress board of directors and advisory committee respond to inquiries about strategy and activities of the special project.
  • We plan to schedule periodic presentations to inform the water community about the special project progress and developments.
  • Conduct statewide polling of registered the voters to gauge public sentiments around key public trust concepts in July. The resulting analysis will guide the formulation of persuasive communications about the issue targeted to businesses, organizations and associations with water interests, the media, and public at large. The Congress plans to present polling results at the Summer Conference August 21-23 in Steamboat Springs.


Spread the Word


If you know of an industry contact who would be interested in following and supporting the Water Congress Public Trust Special Project, encourage them to visit our website at


Thank you for your support.




Doug Kemper

Colorado Water Congress

Next Steps

Contact your local representative today about whatever issue it is concerning water that we are featuring in this email or is on the legislative docket. Should you have any questions, find answers by going to our website: www.
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