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Will Automated Trucking Be the End to Driver Shortage?

New technology, to be released by 2020, will allow automated trucks to drive together as a convoy. The leading truck is linked to the following trucks through Wi-Fi, GPS location, cameras and sensors, dictating speed and direction, while the rest automatically steer, accelerate and brake in a closely spaced convoy. Michael Kropp, a 55-year-old driver for Daimler, test piloted the second vehicle in a convoy.  “It was a little eerie to hand over part of my role as driver, but it was really comfortable, especially in heavy traffic or boring stretches of road.”
Freight Service Spotlight: FTL
Safety and timeliness is a top priority. Our Truckload option provides a quick and safe way to move your freight. Your cargo will not travel through other transport hubs, which will ensure a secure and timely arrival to its destination. 
Quick Shipping Tip: It's All in the Details
When sending in a quote, be sure to give your freight broker all the details of your shipment. Descriptions such as weight, pallet dimensions, class number, and zip codes are all essential to determine the most accurate rates.