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3PL: Your Best Business Bet

Of all the resources that a logistics or 3PL provider delivers to its customers, the most underrated yet most valuable is business intelligence. A 3PL has the ability to take a company’s current freight data and see where opportunities are being missed, find ways to shave costs and offer an efficient transportation program that ultimately mirrors their business model and will push for more growth. By partnering with logistics or 3PL providers that have access to multiple modes of transportation, large carrier networks and the ability to review current freight data, solutions can be provided that better fit the company’s business model. 


Did You Know?

Semi Trucks drive an average of of 140 billion miles a year in the U.S! They are generally 53 feet long and can hold 15+ gallons of fuel. In addition to their fuel capacity, their engines are designed to run nonstop! 
Food For Thought

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