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Cargo Theft Sees a Dramatic
Drop in Third Quarter

CargoNet has stated that during the third Quarter of 2015, the United States and Canada had reported $22.5 million in cargo stolen, an improvement compared to the second quarters amount of $25 million. But with the holiday season just around the corner, we expect to see an increase in these numbers, as there will be more trucks on the road moving valuable cargo all across the US. Here at Q Ship USA, we take extra care to ensure your freight is handled only by the top professionals in the industry.
Drivers, Be Aware Driving Near Trucks
There are 500,000+ truck accidents a year! Commercial Trucks are involved in 2.4% of all car accidents, 84% of these accidents are not the truck drivers fault. Q Ship USA urges you to drive with caution!
 Give Thanks to a Truck Driver this Thanksgiving
Did you know that without truck drivers, you would have no Thanksgiving turkey this year? "This is a season where many drivers are away from home, so share the road safely, and make sure you give them thanks as you travel this year,” ATA CEO Bill Graves said.