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Shortage Of Drivers Can Be Crippling
The Trucking Industry
Descending gas prices and the substantial economic growth has created the demand for the trucking industry. The shortage of drivers has made it difficult for the industry                                                                                          
We Would Like To Introduce To You... Rail Shipping!
Shipping by Rail and Intermodal has many benefits, especially when it comes to tight truckload capacity. It is efficient, economical and environmentally friendly.
Q Ship USA works closely with national rail carriers to provide our clients with this reliable shipping solution! 
Quick Shipping Tip!
Shipments are  transported to the carrier’s nearest hub where they are reweighed to make sure the class on the BOL matches their standards. If it doesn't, the shipments will get reclassed and the costs are typically greater than the quote given to the customer.
Pack Your Freight Correctly & Save Money
Packing your freight correctly the first time is a great way to save money while shipping. There is a surcharge added when the goods being shipped are fragile or the freight carrier thinks there is a high chance there will be a claim made for damaged freight.