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Quick Shipping Tips For You!
When preparing your shipment, be extra careful to follow all guidelines in order to avoid surcharges. See the following tips!
    • Always make sure you freight is packaged safe and securely. This helps prevent damage as well as extra carrier fees. Some extra bubble wrap can go along way with those extra fragile items!
    • Almost every commodity being shipped within the United States has a particular NMFC code.  It is vital to get this code right in order to have a quick and efficient ship! 
Be very precise with the dimensions and weight of your shipment. This will help you avoid any oversize fees.
A Day In The Life Of A Truck Driver
If you feel tempted to stereotype truckers, visit a truck stop and you’ll quickly appreciate that drivers are individuals with plenty of insight on a wide range of topics: food, car drivers, law enforcement and much more.
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Q Ship USA Trucking Fact:
The primary cause for trucking accidents is failure to stay in the lane. The four most common errors in large trucking accidents include: driving too fast for conditions, truck brake problems, performance error and driver fatigue.