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7 Technologies That Will Affect Trucking and the Aftermarket
The trucking industry is being bombarded with technology, and that trend is not likely to go away any time soon. This article gives light to seven technologies that are making their way to the aftermarket or soon will be. Telematics, This is the fastest growing technology sector, according to Kaufman, with an explosion of apps available and too many suppliers to name. Telematics is an enabler of other technologies.

America's Road Team Offers Winter Driving Advice to Motorist 
To Keep Drivers safer, America's Road Team put out a list of tips for motorist sharing the highways with truck drivers during the winter weather. 

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Shipments are  transported to the carrier’s nearest hub where they are reweighed to make sure the class on the BOL matches their standards. If it doesn't, the shipments will get reclassed and the costs are typically greater than the quote given to the customer.