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The Fussy Librarian is more than happy to embrace some stereotypes of her profession.

Glasses? Check. Desire for low noise levels? Check. Sensible shoes? Double check. An interest in lecturing others? CHECK!
So we’ve made a list of New Year’s resolutions for you authors — but it’s a gentle, loving one. We think you’re great already and just want to reinforce your good habits in 2016.
1. Resolve to be grateful that your job encourages the collecting of imaginary friends.
2. Refine your editing skills at the expense of negative reviews. “You’re book sucked”? Really?
3. Use social media and the Internet for marketing, not procrastinating. (Not that we ever struggle with that, boss ... ) People like Fussy want to quote your fans and tag you in posts, after all!
4. Thank those who help you, whether they’re collaborators like editors, designers, or writing group members; supporters, like loved ones and readers; or fuel for your desire to succeed, like naysayers.
5. Give back in some way to literary programs whenever someone proudly declares, “I hate reading!” — whether that means high-fiving a librarian or sending your holiday bonus to a book-related charity.
6. Give up comparisons* (inspired by Elizabeth Hunter’s blog post “Ten Things I Learned About Publishing in 2015”). As readers, we hope you take pride in your accomplishment, regardless of how you published it or how many copies you sold.
7. Save early and often.
8. And finally, if it ain’t broke, don’t fix it.
Cheers to a great year, and let’s make the new one even better!
* Unless it’s a comparison to George RR Martin that reflects positively on your ability to start and finish a compelling series of novels in a timely manner. 
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