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Looking for some impartial, well regarded referendum insight in this crucial weekend?
The Future of the UK and Scotland team's research is at the heart of the booklet
Scotland's Decision: 16 Questions to think about for the referendum on 18 September
Peter MacMahon, ITV Border's Political Editor, says:
"Amid claim and counter-claim from the 'Yes' and 'No' sides, 16 Questions is an important contribution to the independence debate. It looks dispassionately at some of the key issues facing Scottish voters on 18 September. Well worth taking the time to read."
Scotland's Decision CoverDame Barbara Kelly CBE DL, says

"At a moment of such historic importance, it is vital that we have access to reliable impartial information on all the big issues around the independence debate.  Scotland’s Decision:16 questions to think about has certainly helped those people still undecided, by offering expert  and factual advice  on the  claims being made by both the 'Yes' and 'No' campaigns."    

Rona Dougall, TV presenter & journalist, says:

"This is a comprehensive, detailed and neutral guide to what both sides in the referendum debate are offering and the consequences  thereafter.  From the economy and the currency, to Europe and NATO -  it's all in there.  Definitely worth reading before anyone steps into the polling booth.

The booklet has been published in collaboration with the David Hume Institute and The Hunter Foundation

Cover of Scotland's Decision: 16 QuestionsSir Tom Hunter says:

"We are not trying to convince you of our point of view and not trying to get you to vote the way we vote. Our aim is simply to give you some facts, some thoughts with no political spin to help you make an informed decision."

Ray Perman, Director, the David Hume Institute, says:

"The book's phenomenal success – 60,000 copies downloaded so far– shows a real hunger for fact and impartial analysis of key referendum questions. Voters are prepared to work hard to understand the issues so that they can make an informed choice on the ballot paper. That is very heartening." 
Charlie Jeffery, director, Future of the UK and Scotland research team, says:

Scotland's Decision"Our 16 Questions book is is now one of the most read analysis of the key issues at stake when Scotland goes to the polls on Thursday. It's widely used by business organisations, journalists, charities and the general public.

Written by leading experts from our Future of the UK and Scotland team at universities in Scotland and beyond, its impartial take on the issues makes it stand out from the information put out by governments and campaigns. 

"It has become one of the key reference points as people in Scotland look to make up their minds on one of the most important decisions they are likely ever to make." 

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