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March 2015

Hello & Welcome


First up, a warm welcome to all the new faces who have joined our community since my last email update.  It's great to 'meet' you : )  

This month we are talking about sewing for celebrations.

My little sister is about to get married.  With me claiming the sewing nut tag in our family, she naturally asked me to help her out with a few of her decorations.   We've made a couple of tablecloths, some flags for her beach ceremony and metres and metres of bunting.

Sewing for a celebration is a fabulous way to make your event unique and special.  No longer are you at the mercy of big companies and what they think is 'in' this season.  You can personalise, specialise and make it match exactly to that vision in your head.

Happy Sewing ♥ Sarah 

Bulk Bunting

Bunting is still popular.  It's printed on everything from cups to quilts and t-shirts.  Not to mention the actual bunting itself.  For those of you a bit lost about what I'm talking about - bunting are those long strands of triangle flags that were once festooned over service stations and now reside happily in many a child's bedroom the world over.  People also hang them up for parties and celebrations.  

As I mentioned above, I recently made 120 m of bunting for the wedding so I thought I'd share a bit more about how I did it.  It's actually quite easy to make in bulk, when you know how.  The best tutorial I found online is by blogger Ask Sarah.  She's written a great post full of tips and tricks. Read it here.

I started by cutting 7.5" strips of fabric.  I then made a thick cardboard template which I used to cut my strips into triangles (my triangle is 6.5" wide at the top).  As you can see, none of my fabrics had a directional print; no obvious 'up' made flipping and cutting much easier.  I bought some pre-made bias tape in a big 30m (98') roll.  I used 25mm (1") tape which was a great width when folded in half over the top of the fabric.  I don't think I would have wanted to go any narrower.
Next I put my walking foot onto my machine.  Using one of these feet is not essentially but it certainly helped to keep the top of the bias tape flat.  I've found it can pucker every now and again when I used my normal foot.  But relax, as most bunting is hung high over heads, no one will ever notice the odd tiny little fold.

I folded my bias tape in half and then did one enormously long line of straight stitching.  I slipped a flag under the fold of the bias tape every 30cm (12") and made a random selection of the stripe, navy and white.  That's it, backstitch at either end and you're done.

p.s. have a second bobbin loaded up ready to go, my first one ran out a few metres before the end of 30m every single time.

Here's a great round up of some fabulous bunting and other stringly garlands.  You're bound to find one you love.

Pin It
A new baby is great celebration.  A handmade gift for the birth or shower is something often treasured by the receiving family.  I'm going to draft a free pattern and tutorial for making a variety of bibs so you'll never be caught for something to sew.  Watch this space!

Are you really wanting to learn how to sew but stuck about where to start?

My most popular kit is the Ready, Set, Sew starter pack.  I compiled all my favourite tools and most used items and put them together with a full set of instructions on how to use each item.  I also include a bonus pincushion kit to give you a project to get sewing straight away.  Feedback I've got so far says that there's not a single item in here that you won't use.     Shop now

Ladybug Needlecase

Thank you for the fantastic response to my newest mini kit.  I got such a thrill to see all the places you live.  I even posted two over to the USA (hi to Wendy & Kathleen).  There were some great road and suburb names too.  If you haven't received yours yet, I've got a few more I'm posting out today so watch your mailbox.  If you missed updating your details, simply reply to this email with your mailing address and I'll get one to you.  

I'd also love to see photos of those that are all finished. I'll compile a collage for the next email update. 

I've also got a few left if you have friends or family who you think will enjoy them.   


With Easter only a few short weeks away, it's time to get sewing all things eggs and bunnies.  Here's a few fun ones for you to try this year.  Click each image for the link back to the tutorial.  Also, you can find my Easter pin-board here 
it seems I have a thing for carrots... )
About Sarah

I live on a farm in rural Western Australia.  I love living in the country; 
there are so many things that I enjoy about the rhythm of life out here.
When I finally pull myself out from behind my sewing machine, you’ll find me tending a sadly  neglected garden with a G&T in hand while the kids bounce on the trampoline. I may also be found occasionally in the sheep yards helping my farmer husband.

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