How YOU can help FORP to gather information about provincial election candidates
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Pre-election task

Help FORP collect information about YOUR provincial candidates!

It is our hope that by applying constant but polite pressure on the Provincial government, the Ontario Ranger Program will be reinstated as soon as possible. Your help is needed to achieve this goal.


STEP 1:  Attend your local all-candidate meeting for the upcoming provincial election.

STEP 2:  Ask a question to measure the candidates' support for reinstatement of the Ontario Ranger Program. See box for a suggested question.  If you prefer to formulate your own question, here are some tips:
  • Be specific.  Don't ask a general question that allows a broad, non-commital answer.
  • Provide context.  Don't assume that all candidates are aware of the program - use this as an opportunity to enlighten not only the candidates, but also the audience and local media!
  • Include facts.
    • the program started in 1944:
    • over 78,000 17-year-olds have taken part over 68 years; 
    • the cost in 2012 was only $1.6 million;
    • at the time that the program was cut, it offered summer employment to 278 youth in 13 camps (at it's peak in 1973, the program employed 2000 youth in 52 camps!).
Most importantly, the "replacement" (Stewardship Ranger Program) is not new - it has existed since the 1990's, and as a day-based program it is limited to youth who live near (and have access to daily transport to) the work site.  It does NOT offer the same opportunity for gaining independence, building confidence, promoting teamwork and co-operation, or developing leadership skills.
STEP 3:  Complete this quick online survey so that we can follow up with supportive candidates following the election. 

It would be GREAT if you could bring some information leaflets to hand out to the candidates and any interested members of the audience.  We've found that people are very interested in learning more about the program.  Hit the "print leaflets" button now!
Thank you for your support!  DON'T GIVE UP!

Friends of the Ontario Ranger Program

How do I find my local all-candidates meeting?

- Local candidate headquarters or office
- Your MPP’s constituency office

- Political party websites / riding association offices
- Local media
- Community organizations
Suggested Question:
In 2012, with no warning and after almost 70 years of helping Ontario’s youth develop their leadership skills, the Provincial government decided to cancel the Ontario Ranger Program. 17 year old youth from every postal code in the province were eligible for this summer employment, education, and leadership program. Its replacement was the “new” (already existing) stewardship ranger day-based program, which is limited to youth who live near the work site and have transportation available, and also does not offer the same leadership and education training as the overnight Ontario Ranger Program.
Given the severe problems with youth unemployment in the province today, will you commit to supporting the reinstatement of the overnight Ontario Ranger Program when the House next sits?
Print leaflets!
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