April 2017

Issue No. 8
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St. Andrew's Community Information:

Important upcoming events:
May 30: Joseph M. Schmidt '19 Play Day
June 2: Graduation and Promotion Exercises, 9am
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Class News:

PK Rainbow Fish
The Rainbow Fish had so much fun preparing for their Easter performance.  We learned 8 new songs and made our own bonnets and top hats.  We loved dressing up in our dresses and bonnets and jackets and top hats and getting up on stage.  Special thanks to Mrs. Lonadier for playing our music and getting us ready for our big show!  We look forward to our Mother's Tea on May 10.
Mrs. Weiser and Ms. Bilbe

Recently, the St. Andrew's Kindergarten students held their Bear Day.  Students had the opportunity to bring their favorite teddy bears to school and spend the day in class learning and playing with them.  The Kinderbears and their bear friends enjoyed a fun-filled day including:
  • Bear puppets
  • Writing prompt "Bear Day is fun."
  • Chapel with our bears
  • Honeycomb necklaces 
  • Teddy bear face painting
  • Goldilocks and the Three Bears read aloud
  • Bear bingo with intial sounds in words
  • Teddy bear picnic lunch
  • Being barefoot
  • Bear stained glass art
  • Ice Pops
  • Bear Tails game

As the special day came to an end at dismissal, the tuckered Kinderbears gathered their totes and found a surprise bear treat and certificate pinned to their bags.  They exclaimed as they walked down the hall, "This was the best school day ever!"  

1st Grade
In April, the first graders researched and presented Egg-ceptional People projects to share information about people who have made a difference in the world. Their eggs depicted a variety of people, including Louis Armstrong, Jane Goodall, Pocahontas, Gabby Douglas, St. Michael, and Captain Cook. They enjoyed telling their friends in other grades, faculty and parents all about their projects. 
The first graders also spent a morning at the Kenner Planetarium, learning about stars and exploring the hands-on science center. In class, they are continuing their investigations about sky patterns. 
First grade students read and wrote many forms of poetry in April and are compiling books to share their work with their families. 
In just one more month, they will be "Second Gators!"
Mrs. Phillips & Mrs. Butler

2nd Grade

The 2nd Gators have been very busy writing and illustrating their Bare Books! Writing and illustrating a book takes a lot of time, but we had a great time focusing on our work. Our books are wonderful! If you’d like to see our budding authors’ books, they will be on display in the library after the book fair ends.

As a pre-writing activity for our “How to” writing assignment, we followed the directions on “How to Make a Creepy Crawly Spider” We made a tasty treat using cream cheese, crackers, pretzels, and raisins. Yum!

During Spirit Week, each class was assigned a letter from the word Cardinals. The class had to design a poster around their letter using words that start with their letter to describe St. Andrew’s. Second Grade as assigned the letter D. We learned to use a dictionary and came up with many fabulous words such as diligent, dynamite, diverse, dignified, and dedicated!

We are counting money, telling time, and practicing 3-digit subtraction and addition with and without regrouping. We enjoyed playing Time Bingo and the One Dollar Exchange game.

Brenda Steir and Paula Apffel

3rd Grade
Lots of learning going on this past month in third grade.  Our students did some amazing presentations for their book share novels.  They were graded on their reading, writing, listening, and speaking skills.  Fractions were the fun focus in math.  In Science, we studied the weather.  In Social Studies we continued  our research for our Bare Books.  Our trip to Plum Street Snowballs was a fun New Orleans treat to celebrate all of the hard work the boys and girls have done this month. 
We are looking forward to pampering our beautiful mothers at Ma' Spa on May 11th.       

Jamie Defraites and Stephanie Quinitini

4th Grade
4th Graders have enjoyed celebrating spring in a variety of ways this month. Students honored National Poetry Month by interacting with famous works. They enjoyed watching an adaptation of Maya Angelou's Harlem Hopscotch and discussed Sandburg's use of rhythm. They continue to enjoy sharing family favorites and several students have submitted their own poems for a national contest.
The class also had fun celebrating
a very successful fund raiser for ALS. Thank you to Coach Patty and Dr. Daly for hosting a wonderful lunch from Olive Garden. A good time was had by all and the class is hopeful that the school efforts will benefit many in the future.
This month, the 4th grade also continued their study of the regions of the United States and fractions in mathematics. Students worked in small groups and rotated between stations focused on fraction equivalence and reduction. They used geometric shape manipulatives to compare polygons using fractions and also worked together on challenge activities like "To Simplify or Not to Simplify."

We are looking forward to starting our final novel study in May and embarking on scientific study of sound and waves.

Anne Seiler and Malise Shaw

5th Grade
The 5th grade class wrote short stories and poems this month. Our class has many amazing poets and authors. After reading many great stories and learning the elements of short stories, the class developed stories of their own. They can’t wait to read them to other grades here at St. Andrew’s. Also, our class explored figurative language and read a number of poems to gain an understanding of the elements of poetry. Each student chose an important person to research and created a poem telling the story of that person’s life. Some of the poem choices were Queen Victoria, Barack Obama, James Parkinson, and Francis Scott Key. Each student shared his or her research information and poem with our class.

In math, students have continued their work with fractions. After mastering addition and subtraction of fractions with unlike denominators, these mathematicians had no trouble tackling multiplication of fractions as well. The students demonstrated their understanding of these newly acquired skills by writing their own creative word problems.

Our very own Dennis won the “Teacher Treasure” and was able to be the 5th grade teaching assistant for the day. He ran the class poetry reading activity, managed the smart board, ran errands, and spent the day sitting in the teacher’s desk. Dennis also enjoyed a special lunch with a few of his friends. At the end of the day, he shared some original iMovies with the class.

Meg Blevins

6th Grade History
During this final trimester of the year, the 6th Grade students have studied the origins and impact of two of the major world religions.  Even though much of the information may have been familiar to them, the students read about and discussed the beginning of the Christian religion while learning about the Roman Empire and how the Romans spread that faith to distant lands. The 6th graders are currently wrapping up a unit on “Islamic Civilizations”, which includes an in-depth look at that religion and its impact in the Middle East and beyond. For obvious reasons, class discussions have also included current events.
Allan Woodard
Chair, History Department

7th Grade English
The 6th grade recently finished the novel, Heart of a Samurai, which is based on a true story about a 14 year old boy lost at sea, eventually becoming the first known Japanese to step foot on American soil and later responsible for the first treaty between America and Japan that opened its island to the outside world. To begin the unit they researched many different topics about Japan and presented image-based Prezis in class. The students participated in small group discussions, round table discussions, wrote literary analysis and poetry during the unit. They also participated in close reads focused on theme, figurative language, and characterizations. Beyond literature the students focused on commonly confused words and continued their study of the English language through grammar. The students are finishing out the year with two writing assignments.

Angela Balkcom
Chair, English Department

Middle School Science
5th Grade has recently finished their exploration of changes in matter.  They read about what matter is made of and explored how different materials can change to become new materials. They are currently examining the relationship between Earth, the Moon, and the stars.  The students will discover how the moon and stars change and move in patterns.  
Students in 6th grade are continuing to explore the processes that occur on Earth's surface.  The students will delve into the concepts of weathering, soil formation, erosion, and deposition.  Special attention will be given to how these processes affect our lives in lower Louisiana.


                  6th grade students worked collaboratively to design a soil suitable for our local climate.
7th Grade students are working collaboratively in small groups to research and analyze a body system of their choice.  The students will then present their findings to the class under the premise that they are trying to convince their fellow classmates that their particular body system is the most valuable to human survival.
Students in 8th grade are investigating the polarity of water molecules and are designing tests to compare water to less polar liquids for evaporation rate, surface tension, and solubility.  Students will also discover how the process of dissolving applies to solids, liquids, and gases.

Chris Sedgwick
Chair, Science Department

From the Learning Specialist:

For information on Summer Programs form New Orleans Speech and Hearing Center, Crane Rehab and others- click HERE.

Jill Aucoin
Learning Specialist

From the Admissions Office:

Our campus continues to be filled with prospective students visiting in Pre-Kindergarten to 8th grade and individual tours on a daily basis.  Please help us to welcome our visitors and make them feel at home. There is still time to apply for the 2017-18 school year.  Help us to spread the word about St. Andrew’s Episcopal School by telling your friends and neighbors to come and tour our wonderful school.


Garden Flags

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From the Financial Aid Office:

Final Deadline
The final deadline for applying for financial aid was Monday, April 17, 2017.  We will still accept applications and required documents. If the application or required documents are submitted past the deadline we might not be able to offer Financial Aid or the award may be reduced.  We only have a certain amount of Financial Aid to offer and meeting the deadline is vital to securing assistance.
Instructions on how to apply can be found on our website at the following link:  Financial Aid Application

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From the Development Office:


News from the Cottage:


The April Cottage Newsletter


From the Rosenberg Library:

The Rosenberg Library VIP Lucy (Gala winner) had a fun time choosing books at the Scholastic Book Fair for the Library.  Lucy also enjoyed a bag of goodies from our librarian, Mrs. Johnson.  
The students at SAES are enjoying the selection of books available at the spring book fair.  

Thanks to the SAES community for supporting our school.  
Thanks to all of our wonderful volunteers for assisting with the book fair.

Mrs. Anna Johnson

Upcoming Events and Activities:

Lagniappe: This month in pictures....
Head for a Day
What a fun day at St. Andrew's Episcopal School for one of our 3rd Grade students. Liam, won the right to be Head for a Day at St. Andrew's through a raffle during Spirit Week. The raffle gives our students an opportunity to participate in our annual Spring Auction. Kudos to Liam for a great day as our Head of School!

After School Programs The Theatre Kids' performance of The Worst Birthday Party Ever

Video from the Performance

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