Until Every Hurting Young Person Has Been Given a Chance!

Great Faith in an even Greater God!

We know that November is a time to give thanks for all that God has done in and through our lives and we want to include you in this heartfelt thanks for the continual support you have shown the mission of Teen Challenge. 
Alarming new statistics arise each day surrounding the youth of America making the mission seem hopeless but God is daily working to raise up a nation of young people who have been called and set apart for His Kingdom. Youth are answering this call!
We have seen several graduations over the course of the year and have several more coming soon.  New students are being interviewed daily.  So although the need is great, God is using this dilemma to call and bring forth a generation of young people who will forever be changed by His strength and power. What the enemy meant for their harm will be used as a testimony to call even more into the Kingdom. 
Every penny is necessary!  Mission work takes simple people with great faith who will engage in great prayer to an even greater God.  It is our God who will bring the great supply of resources we need to see the work accomplished.  This year may be coming to an end but Teen Challenge will work while it is still day to see that every hurting young person will be given that great chance in God!  Continue to join with us!


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