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July Happenings

        Walk A Thon solicitation is in full blast here at Teen Challenge!  We want to thank the Roanoke and surrounding areas for their support in this fundraising event.  This event helps to provide families with the support they need in order to enroll their daughters into our adolescent training center for the desperate life change they need. Our students are able to witness the love of our community as they see the support you and other loving sponsors are providing.  Below is a testimony of one of our students and the change God is making in her life through this support. 

“The Ukrainian Orphanage
was like a nightmare,
but God sent a family...”

I was born in the Ukraine. When I was five years old my mother began leaving me and my brothers in the streets to fend for ourselves. I don’t have any memory of my father and he was in and out of jail most of my life. It wasn’t long before I wound up in a Ukrainian orphanage. The workers there cared for me well but after a year my mother brought me back home. Home was a small dirty space that held no good memories for me.

My mother had incurred a stroke and was paralyzed on one side. The government provided her with money but it wasn’t often she bought what we needed because she squandered it on alcohol. Social workers found out how we were living and took me and my brothers to different orphanages. This orphanage was nothing like the first. It was for older children and the caretakers were abusive. The girls were often taken advantage of, including myself. It was like a nightmare and my mom only came twice to visit me in eight years. My emotions were so torn. I loved and missed her but when I saw her I was angry and bitter from rejection.

At the age of twelve I met a family that would later adopt me. It was hard to leave my brothers but I had a new family. My first year was so exciting and even though learning English was difficult , I began falling in love with every member of my new family and I made lots of friends.

During my second year is when all the trouble began. The friends I was beginning to make in school were not the best and I was heavily influenced by them. My past was beginning to creep back in and all that pain and guilt of leaving my brother’s was too much for me to handle. I began questioning everything! The issues of the past were so painful and I couldn’t seem to let go.

Because of anger and my need to be accepted I began huffing chemicals with a friend. I was expelled from school and I was constantly grounded for my safety. I made it a constant battle at home. It wasn’t long before that behavior led to drinking alcohol and stealing. Youth group at our church was the only time I had away from my parents. I told them I didn’t want them, but my heart never meant it.

That’s when they found Teen Challenge.

When I arrived here I realized how much I had taken my new family for granted but I knew I desperately needed a time to heal. At first I was very angry with God and stubborn. I went from being angry with my parents to being very homesick. The staff here listened to me and my heart began warming up. I finally let down my defenses and allowed God in. Since then I have really connected to the staff and I know they love me. I think that helped me communicate with God all that anger I had felt for so long. I decided it was time for change. Now at my fifth month I am happy that I am developing a strong relationship with God and the trust with my parents is being rebuilt. It has not been easy and I understand I will still experience ups and downs but it is all worth it. My goal is to graduate the program and go to home to a new life with my new family in Christ.

Thank you for making this possible for me!


Upcoming Events: 

It is hard to believe that Fall is right around the corner and the beginning of a brand new season.  We will soon be planning for our annual Trunk or Treat to our local community of childen.  We will be ministering to hundreds of children while distributing gospel tracks, candies and tons of smiles and hugs.  We are not yet sure but it is rumored the upcoming theme will be quite a hairy event. We welcome any support you can give with the donation of
bags of candy or craft supplies
 to help make this event successful.
Please call 540-473-8148

Current Needs
Can Vegetables and Fruits
Fresh Produce
Toilet Paper

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