Until Every Hurting Young Person Has Been Given a Chance!

Spring Has Sprung

     We are glad to announce that "Spring Has Sprung" here at Teen Challenge and we aren't just talking about the weather! 

New students have been popping up at our center in the last month! As a staff we are grateful for the students who have graduated and the new opportunity this brings us to help more adolescent girls find the hope they need.  Just like  winter, when new students arrive their hope has grown cold and they seem lost within themselves.  The little girl their parents once knew is gone.  But God has a marvelous way of warming up their hearts and bringing down the walls of defense they have built up against help.  They receive God's great gift and the changes begin to happen.  What a privilege we have to facilitate and observe these miracles and what an opportunity you have to be a part of this as well. 

      Thank you for all the support you have shown our students with your gifts.  We hope that you will continue, so that we can reach more hurting young people. 

Check out Katie's miracle below and be encouraged that as the weather warms and flowers are springing up, new lives are also being born in Christ at Teen Challenge.  


God Replaced Everything I had Lost!


I grew up in what I considered to be a normal home. I had two great parents that provided all my needs and I was a happy kid. But behind closed doors my parents had a difficult marriage and the fighting never stopped. I always felt like I had to shield my brother and sister from this. Their eventual divorce brought me a huge amount of pain.

To escape the pain, at thirteen years old, I began drinking and smoking marijuana. I didn’t think I was doing anything wrong but it was just the beginning of a serious life controlling issue. Marijuana became the most important thing in my life and I lived to get high. My straight A report card went to D’s and F’s and I felt like I had let everyone down.

This habit led me to break boundaries I never dreamed of. I was completely out of control and I thought my only purpose was to get high and die. I had panic attacks and depression controlled my life. I just wanted to be dead and I attempted to end my life many times but I never succeeded. The police found out what I was doing and notified my mother. This is when she made Teen Challenge available to me. I knew my life was going nowhere and I agreed to go.

Almost immediately during my first month here I felt repentant and remorseful for my actions. I wanted to make amends for what I had done. God really helped me let go of all the hurt and pain I had caused and endured. Now I am finally able to say that I forgive myself. God has replaced everything that I allowed to be taken; my smile, my laughter, my family and most importantly my relationship with myself and my God.

Thanks for helping me find this hope!


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