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The importance of product quality and why we should never stop emphasizing it

  Why Quality Supplementation is Necessary

Humanity’s created toxicity is starting to show its effects in our declining health and well-being. Eating a regular, balanced diet doesn’t seem to be enough anymore to keep our bodies healthy and fit. We cannot get all the necessary nutrients, vitamins and minerals because of the state of our oceans, lands and air. This is why the most important step is to take the power into our own hands in order to ward off the detrimental effects and choose the purest ingredients as possible. Educated choices must be made in the food we eat and the therapeutic quality of the supplements we take. The lifestyle we plan on leading must be approached proactively; this is not only necessary, but critical in order to having healthy life.

Prevention has always been the key when dealing with health. Doing the small things every day as a part of our healthy routine is in fact a repetition of seemingly invisible actions that can get us to the great life we have always dreamed of. Nobody stays miraculously healthy till the rest of their lives or has a magic pill that can cure them instantly. By reaching to quality choices every day though we have a really good chance to get there. The choice is always ours.


Doctor’s Choice® and Quality: Professional, Therapeutic Medicine

When you hear “professional therapeutic medicine” what does it mean to you? One would assume that these words are practically synonyms and when used in health industry, one can’t work without the other two. Unfortunately, the combination of these three words might be a rarer find than we like to think.

For us at Doctor’s Choice, these terms are critical to the natural health industry—so critical that we have structured our company around them. We believe that if the professional health industry wants to truly be a viable alternative to prescription drugs, we must consistently uphold all of these standards. We cannot bring anything less than our best to the table. This must be our mission statement. Professional, therapeutic medicine must have strong health claims that can be backed by science in order to produce a professional product, be carefully formulated in order to have genuine therapeutic value, and be designed to be real medicine in every sense of the word.

So how do we live up to these terms? What defines Doctor’s Choice quality? Here are the main criteria:

  • USP pharmaceutical grade raw materials,
  • methylated vitamins and minerals instead of inactive minerals,
  • fermented amino acids instead of chemically extracted ones,
  • plant based and not synthetic based,
  • no harmful flow agents (At Doctor’s Choice the flow agents magnesium stearate (MS) and stearic acid (SA) were replaced with ascorbyl palmitate (Vitamin C). Neurological studies reveal that MS may collapse cell membranes selectively killing T-cells, and reducing the body’s immunity. They also compound mental health issues.)
  • vegetarian capsules instead of gelatin
  • recyclable packaging (glass, PET) and organic cotton

Three Grades of Raw Material:

To understand the importance of product quality, it is crucial to distinguish the three grades of raw material used for dietary supplements.

  1. Feed Grade meets standards set for animal consumption. It is the lowest quality with little or no regulation, though most vitamin companies still sell this quality.
  2. Food Grade is a standards set for human consumption. It means a lower quality manufacturing – compared to Pharmaceutical Grade – with added fillers.
  3. Pharmaceutical Grade provides assurance to the consumer, that the quality and purity of the raw materials are of the highest pharmaceutical grade standards: 97.5% or higher. USP dietary supplement means that the standards are using the very best science for improving public health and safety. For Doctor’s Choice the USP pharmaceutical grade is particularly referenced to vitamins, minerals and amino acids.

For us, choosing the very best alternatives is the easiest thing to do.


Childhood Cancer is Still Climbing

The alarming rise in childhood cancer is one of the strongest reasons why to put a bigger emphasis on your family’s health. We see the growth in numbers of mothers who only give their children organically produced food in order to eliminate unknown toxins, possible side effects and health consequences. Because staying healthy is always easier than seeking a cure for disease.

Childhood cancer has been on the rise. Statistics show that yearly 15,300 kids are diagnosed with cancer regardless their ages, ethnic groups and socio-economics. This disease remains the number one cause of death by disease in children. Despite the fact that the overall survival rate is higher, still 60% of children who survive cancer suffer late-effects, such as infertility, heart failure and secondary cancers while more than 10% of children diagnosed with cancer do not survive.

Though the cure rate continues to improve, there has been a significant increase in the overall rate of childhood cancers in recent decades – up to 27% since 1975 in kids under age 19, according to  data collected by the National Cancer Institute (NCI) Surveillance, Epidemiology and End Results (SEER) Program.

While genetics and environmental causes are also linked to cancer, right choices regarding diet, physical activity or the knowledge about potential carcinogens are those that go hand in hand with the textbook definition of prevention which is more needed than ever before.


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