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"The 10 business days required by the DMCA have elapsed and we have yet to receive notice of a filed injunction against the restoration of this content. The restrictions on this domain have been removed at this time. We will notify you should this change."
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The work to secure the site against future attacks was only recently brought to a good rest point so we want to take a minute to say "Thank You"  to everyone who flowed financial and other types of support.

One of the many very positive things to come out of this has been the discovery and demonstration of how much people appreciate what the website represents and how many are willing to "have our back".

Help us demonstrate how we're flourishing and prospering outside and away from the suppression of the corporate church by adding or editing content at the site.
You'll be surprised at how much fun, and satisfying, it is to help document the true story of the great people of Scientology, its technology, its history and the founder.

You can learn to wiki too! :-)

Copy of "church" allegations and notifications

Perry Chapdelaine passed away on Novemeber 24th. 

Perry was an original HDA from Elizabeth NJ, a friend of LRH, knew John W Campbell and many of the greats of SciFi like Asimov and van Voght, and was an accomplished and well published SciFi author himself in addition to his many other published works.

We had the pleasure to video several hours worth of his fascinating stories of the founding days in Wichita, Phoenix and Los Angles  - all of which are available from his biography page

RIP Perry - you left this world a better place for having been here!

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Lectures and Materials : Our blockbuster announcement of the availability of ALL the LRH lectures continues to be a roaring success!
But we haven't stopped there..

We had to re-name the page to reflect this unprecedented accomplishment.
We're seeing many terabytes of data transfers thus far and word is spreading fast across the globe that finally we can all have the correct technology.


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