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LRH Stories on DVD

photo courtesy Karen de la Carriere

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In 1997, old-time Scientologists from around the world came together for the first time ever to document their experiences with L Ron Hubbard. Considered lost, this footage was rediscovered in early 2013.

After many months in production, a brand new, independently-produced DVD lets you see and hear the stellar names of Scientology’s early days tell their fondest LRH Stories including:

Ron Audits Screen Legend Gloria Swanson
Ron Buys Saint Hill Manor “Sight Unseen”
The Exact Genesis of the Theta/MEST Theory
How Ron Lost and Regained the Copyrights to Dianetics
The First Org Board
How Ron’s Lectures Were Recorded. Did He Use Notes?
Ron’s Time in Rhodesia
What Was Ron’s Schedule?
Did Ron Exercise? What Was His Diet?
Ron’s Special Typewriter
Why Did Ron Study the Classic Black and White Films?
How Ron Was Able to Answer All His Mail

Plus a wealth of other remarkable stories from the people who were there.

You will be entertained and delighted by the information, drama, and humor in the many significant narratives and anecdotes.

You may also find these very personal and priceless stories about the man, L. Ron Hubbard, enlightening and even inspiring.

Get your 3½-hour LRH Stories DVD here.

For a limited time, receive a second DVD, More LRH Stories with your order.
(more LRH Stories contains an additional 3½ hours of exciting video from the Old-Timers events taped between 1998 and 2000)

Only $49.95 (quantity discounts available)

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Webcast with Max Hauri


 On February 1, 2015 our Webcast Series continues with Max Hauri, ED of Ron's Org Grenchen.
"For over 25 years, the Ron´s Org Grenchen has successfully delivered the original Standard Tech according to L. Ron Hubbard, independently from the Church of Scientology. With seven full time staff members the Ron´s Org Grenchen is the biggest independent organization in Western Europe, is an Advanced Org and delivers the complete Bridge free from suppression with prices affordable by everyone. Starting with Grades and Dianetic auditing up to the levels for operating thetans and the L-Rundowns."
Ron's Org also delivers the famous Excalibur.
Don't miss this opportunity to talk to Max and hear him describe their successful actions in creating a flourishing group.

Date: February 1, 2015
Time: 1:00PM EST (New York time)
Location: Online (click for log in link)
Cost: FREE everywhere

Success Stories

Eagle's Success Story:

Recently, I had the opportunity to receive some auditing from someone practicing independently, outside the Corporation. They offered, and I thought “Why not? All else has failed.”

Nothing could have prepared me for what followed. The person was amazing, is highly experienced and trained, and a brilliant auditor. The methodology of being asked questions, in a session, with an e-meter, brought the heaviness to the surface, it was so intense, it was almost physical. I had not felt that before when using other methods to try and resolve it. And as I went through it, the grief of it was overwhelming. Then, I could feel it lifting, and it went. I cannot even begin to describe the relief I felt. I am not one to cry, but I cried. I was finally, and completely, relieved of the burden. Afterwards, for a few days, I was almost disorientated from not having that thing weighing on me anymore, and it took time to adjust. But the effect is permanent, and I am feeling like a whole new person, with a whole new life ahead of me. I am happy for the first time in YEARS.

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We had to re-name the page to reflect this unprecedented accomplishment.
We're seeing many terabytes of data transfers thus far and word is spreading fast across the globe that finally we can all have the correct technology.


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