This year’s state and local elections are an opportunity to advance housing justice, equitably fund public services, democratize power through increased civic engagement, and address race and class inequalities in the criminal justice system.

We have listed some of the priority measures below. View our full voting guide here.

Housing Justice

November’s ballot includes measures to amend existing rent control and just cause for eviction protections, help prevent displacement, and build more affordable housing.
Yes on California Proposition 21, Local Rent Control Initiative  
Yes on East Palo Alto Measure V, Increases to the Hotel Transient Occupancy Tax

Transportation Justice

Voters will be able to support labor rights and public transit by rejecting Uber and Lyft's efforts to overturn state law.      
No on California Proposition 22, Classifies App-Based Drivers and Contractors

Democratize Power

In November, voters can expand access to local boards and commissions, and increase the youth vote.
Yes on Oakland Measure QQ, Allows 16 &17 year-olds to vote for School Board Directors
Yes on San Francisco Proposition C, Removes Citizenship Requirements for Members of City Bodies

Equitable Funding for Public Services

Voters have the opportunity to address decades of structural under-funding of public services, have corporations pay their fair share, and reject over-reliance on regressive taxes.
Yes on California Proposition 15, (Schools and Communities First) California Tax on most Commercial and Industrial Properties for Education and Government Funding Initiative
No on Vallejo Measure G, Increases the Transaction Tax on Sales

Criminal Justice System

In November, voters can take action to address systemic race and class inequities in the criminal justice system.
Yes on California Proposition 17, Voting Rights Restoration for Persons on Parole
Yes on San Francisco Proposition E, Eliminates Mandated Police Levels
Don’t forget to register to vote by October 19! Click this link to check your registration.

You can view the entire Urban Habitat voting guide here.


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Date sent: September 29, 2020

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