Today's Sandwich: Turkey Club with Crispy Garlic Ranch, Charred Red Onions, Cheddar, Bacon, Tomato & Greens - Served on Rocket's Own House-Made Ciabatta Bun!
Tuesday March 21st
Rocket's Real Raspberry Buttercream Chocolate Cake Is Available Today By The Slice!

Rocket Happenings!

Rocket Happenings: 
Everyday our bakery provides us with delicious cakes and cupcakes! We always have a variety of 6" cakes available for purchase in our bakery showcase! If you were looking for something larger you can pre-order a 9" cake from the selection on our website by calling 738-2015! 

Traditional Tuesday:
Come on in at lunchtime for some Raisin Tea Biscuits, a Tetley Tea & traditional tunes!

Upcoming Events: 
On Friday, March 24th 50% of the proceeds from the sale of cupcakes will go to the Epilepsy Newfoundland & Labrador in support of Purple Day! Check out Epilepsy NL's Facebook page here for all the details! 

On Saturday, March 25th former Canadian Idol judge Zack Werner will be hosting an all ages open mic at Rocket from 6:00pm-8:00pm!

Today's Menu

Featured Today in the Bakery
  • Scone of the Day - $2.45 - Newfoundland-Style Raisin Tea Biscuits
  • Cake Slices of the Day - $5.00/slice
    • Turtle Cheesecake 
    • Rocket's Real Raspberry Buttercream Chocolate Cake
  • Cupcakes of the Day - $3.25   
    • Rocket's Chocolate Cupcakes filled with Meringue, topped with Vanilla Buttercream drizzled with Caramel! 
  • Breakfast Burrito - $6.95 - Scrambled Eggs, Monterey Jack & Cheddar Cheese, Spinach & Tomatoes wrapped in a Whole Wheat Tortilla (available while they last!)
  • Breakfast Croissant - $5.95 - A Fried Egg, Bacon and Swiss Cheese on a Fresh Croissant (available while they last!)
  • Quiche - $5.95 - Lorraine 
  • Granola +1 - $7.00 - Rocket's Out-of-this-World Granola paired with your choice of 0% Greek Yogurt or Fruit Salad
  • Granola +2 - $8.95 - Rocket's Out-of-this-World Granola served with 0% Greek Yogurt and Fruit Salad.
  • Rocket's Homemade Porridge - $3.75 - Toasted Oats and Sunflower Seeds, Cinnamon, Ground Flax, Currants, Cranberries & Chia Bia (ground chia seed with local wild blueberry powder!)
  • Rocket Porridge with Fruit - $4.75 - Rocket's Homemade Porridge with a side of Fresh Fruit Salad.
Lunch & Dinner
  • Rocket's Delicious Sandwiches!  
    • The Rocket - Classic Chicken Sandwich with Home-Roasted Chicken, Cheddar Cheese, Tomatoes, Spinach & Rocket Sauce (Mayo, Dijon & Spices)
    • The Protein Powerhouse Wrap - Chipotle Marinated Tofu, Roasted Edamame, Green Pea Pesto, & Veggie Slaw Wrapped in a Whole Wheat Tortilla! It's VEGAN! :) 
  • Sandwich of the Day - $8.50 - Turkey Club with Crispy Garlic Ranch, Charred Red Onions, Cheddar, Bacon, Tomato & Greens - Served on Rocket's Own House-Made Ciabatta Bun!
  • NEW! Grilled Sandwich of the Week - $8.95 - Loaded Baked Potato Sandwich with Applewood Smoked Bacon, Potato, Green Onion, Parmesan, Arugula, Sour Cream, Dijon, Salt, & Pepper, served on Rocket’s Seven Grain Sourdough! 
  • Today's Soup (Served with 2 Pieces of Baguette!) - $6.95
    • Herb Sweet Potato (Vegetarian, No Flour Added)
    • Turkey Vegetable (Dairy Free, No Flour Added)
  • Fish Cakes - $3.95 - Rocket's Award Winning Salt Cod Cakes
  • Sausage Roll - $4.50 - Ground Pork, Garlic & Spices Wrapped And Baked In A Pastry Shell With Fennel
  • Pulled Pork Turnover - $8.95 - Rocket's Pulled Pork, Spiced Rum BBQ Sauce & Purple Cabbage Slaw enfolded in Rocket's Own Pie Dough topped with Coriander Seeds
  • Black Bean Burrito - $8.50 - Delicious Black Bean Mixture, Rocket's Pickled Onions, Cabbage and Jalapeños with Mexican Rice!
  • Chicken Burrito - $8.95 - Black Beans, Mexican Rice, Home Roasted Chicken, Tomato Salsa Verde, Kale & Five Brothers' Cheddar Cheese - Wrapped in a Whole Wheat Tortilla!
Today's Salads ($5.00, $7.95)
  • Bowtie Pasta Salad (Wheat Pasta, Zucchini, Red Pepper, Green Onions, Tomatoes, Crispy Garlic Ranch Dressing & Cheddar Cheese)
  • Fruit Salad (Oranges, Grapes, Honeydew, Pineapple)
  • Greek Salad (Cucumbers, Black Olives, Red Onions, Green & Red Peppers, Tomatoes, Salt, Pepper)
  • Kale Salad (Local Kale, Slivered Almonds, Red Onions, Lemon Juice, Olive Oil, Salt, Pepper, Kale Juice)
  • Sesame Soy Noodle Salad (Egg Noodles, Red & Green Peppers, Red Onion, Carrot, Cilantro, Ginger, Lime Juice, Sesame Oil, Canola Oil, Soy Sauce, Jalapeños, Hoisin Sauce)
We Cater Too... Call us for ideas on having Rocket Food served in your home or office!

Cheers, Kelly
Kelly Mansell
Owner/Sales & Marketing Mgr, Rocket Bakery & Fresh Food
272 Water Street, St. John's, NL A1C 1B7
738-2011 (Bakery) 730-2181 (Cell)
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