The July edition of the IRGLUS Newsletter
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IRGLUS NEWS | VOL. 1, NO. 1 | JULY 2013
The newsletter of the International Group on Law and Urban Space |
Urban Transformation in Turkey

Our Facebook page features articles on a regular basis that address issues of urban significance. 

One such article, written by Marc Pierini, looks at how urban regeneration in Turkey has morphed into a nationwide political problem. It demonstrates how the city is key to good democratic governance.

Read the article here.

The intention of this section of the newsletter will be to introduce our members to the work and interests of their counterparts.

If you would like your work to be featured in the next edition of the newsletter, contact us here.

The purpose behind this section is to showcase workshops, conferences and other events that fall under the broad theme of law, urbanisation and social justice.

In this edition, we highlight a meeting on the Right to the City, taking place in Sao Paulo in May 2014.

Read more here.

UN HABITAT’s Urban Legislation Unit is launching a research project on local government law making processes. Given local government’s close connection to the realisation of the right to the city, its laws and practices deserve far more scrutiny than has thus far been the case. 

This is so particularly since law making resources and skills are often in short supply at local government level.  Moreover, delegated ‘law making authority’ is not always accompanied by an analysis of what resources and capacities are required and available to implement it.  

For more about this important project and its terms of reference, contact .

IRGLUS on Facebook


We would like to welcome you to this, the first newsletter of the recently reconstituted International Research Group on law and Urban Space (IRGLUS). You are receiving this newsletter because you were at some time a member of a past incarnation of IRGLUS or because you have in recent months expressed interest in being kept abreast of its activities.

As many of you will know, IRGLUS was formed in 1993, aiming to gather academics from diverse backgrounds – jurists, geographers, sociologists, political scientists, urban planners, and environmentalists - who are conducting research or are interested in the interface between law and urbanisation. IRGLUS’s initial goal was to encourage socio-legal research in urban legal studies, as well as to organise international workshops for the presentation and dissemination of relevant research projects and findings.

While it has become somewhat dormant in recent years, it was decided to revive the international activities of IRGLUS in 2012, under our global co-ordinatorship.  Meanwhile, the IRGLUS Working Group of the International Sociological Association continues to be managed by IRGLUS founding member Antonio Azuela.

Over the last year or so, IRGLUS’ prime mode of communication has been through an internet mailing list hosted through Yahoo Groups.  However, recent months have seen the addition of an IRGLUS Facebook page, which is regularly updated by IRGLUS founding member Edesio Fernandes (with some less regular help from ourselves).

This newsletter is intended to become IRGLUS’ prime mode of news and event-related communication, and will be sent to all subscribers on a bi-monthly basis.  In addition to this, the Facebook page will feature news as well as links, writing and comment on current events pertaining to law and urban space and anything else that we find interesting or noteworthy.

Moreover, we are proud to announce the launch of IRGLUS’ website, to be found at .  While it is still in an initial and incomplete stage, the website will be the main suppository of information about IRGLUS as a group and its official events and communications. 

As you will notice from some of the stories featured here, the field of aw and urban space is becoming increasingly populated and we are therefore excited to invite you to be a part of IRGLUS’ re-awakening.

Enjoy the read!

Thomas Coggin and Marius Pieterse
Global Co-ordinators

Onati 2014

We are excited to announce that the new incarnation of IRGLUS will have its first international workshop at the Onati International Institute for the Sociology of Law on 5-6 June 2014.  This limited attendance, invitation-only workshop will engage with topics related to the overarching theme of Law, Urban Space and Social Justice

The focus will be on the need to ensure inclusivity, respect for diversity and observance of civil and political as well as socio-economic human rights, in the course of the struggles, conflicts, negotiations and, inevitably, legal regulations, that impact on the size, shape and functioning of cities and that, in so doing, become crucial determinants of the manner in which people's individual and collective rights are actualized. 

The workshop will thus consider ways in which laws that impact on urban life and space can advance social justice.  Related issues to be explored include the exercise and realisation of the right to the city; the relationship between law, individual identity and urban life; the impact of land and planning laws on the spatial transformation of the city; controversies pertaining to the legal regulation and concomitant privatization of public space; the interplay between private property, property rights, and public space; and the impact of legal regulation on freedom of expression and urban creativity. 

A diverse cross-section of long-time IRGLUS members from across the disciplines of law, architecture, sociology and urban planning, will attend the event.  There are plans to compile a book from papers delivered at the workshop, as will be elaborated in future editions of this newsletter.

Forward to Friend

IRGLUS is highly dependent on its members. As such, we welcome contributions from our members. This could range from short vignettes, to photography, news and events.

We will contact various members directly to ask for these contributions, but if you would like to contribute to the next newsletter, please feel free to contact us.

We also welcome feedback on this newsletter, as well as the other initiatives we have implemented to give IRGLUS a stronger virtual institutional basis. 
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